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  • 5 Updates - April 05 2018
Really excited about the updates! I can't wait to see how they affect the game.
p.s. you guys know you don't have to include an entire post in a quote right?...5 copies of the original post on page 1...
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Agma Updates ftw

All the updates are awesome and add something new to the game, not just bug fixes!
cheat way i want cheat only 1x please
(Yesterday, 08:55 PM)Rendi361 Wrote: cheat way i want cheat only 1x please

The only good reason to ever have cheats, is to help the developers get to specific game conditions, without needing to play extensively first.

In every other case, it just ruins the game.

So just man-up, and play! You'll get better. Smile
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!

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