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  • 5 Updates - April 05 2018
Really excited about the updates! I can't wait to see how they affect the game.
p.s. you guys know you don't have to include an entire post in a quote right?...5 copies of the original post on page 1...
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Agma Updates ftw

All the updates are awesome and add something new to the game, not just bug fixes!
cheat way i want cheat only 1x please
(04-21-2018, 08:55 PM)Rendi361 Wrote: cheat way i want cheat only 1x please

The only good reason to ever have cheats, is to help the developers get to specific game conditions, without needing to play extensively first.

In every other case, it just ruins the game.

So just man-up, and play! You'll get better. Smile
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
hmmmm noice
(04-21-2018, 08:55 PM)Rendi361 Wrote: cheat way i want cheat only 1x please

Cheating is not allowed Wink
Hi, Great update, but sometimes, the game freeze in chrome after i died (the applet not responding wait or cancel)(on yow different computers). So i try to not die ! ;-)

Thanks for the good game !
@loucheman Are you using any extensions? If so try running the game without them. Also depending on your settings in game, some options may cause lag, be sure to turn those off if your game freezes! As it may help.

Welcome to the forumsWink
hello geve me a 1k plssssssssssssssssss Shy
(04-05-2018, 10:13 PM)gm plsss give me 50 am invent player Wrote:
[Image: vs5EzwC.png] Updates April 5th 2018
[Image: exxZDkZ.png]
Welcome to the summary of today's agma updates!

Watch advert for 1k coins!
You can now watch an advert in the shop and receive 1000 coins. Watching advert is possible once every two minutes.
[Image: hKs4LOF.png]

Party invitation on mobile
You can now join party invites from mobile devices!

Giant Server Starting mass 1000
Starting mass on Giant Server is now doubled, which means when you spawn in, you will have twice as much mass  as you used to be before when spawning in.

View range increased on Gigantic/Giant
The view field for very big players has been increased.

Faster freeroam on spectate mode
On big maps, spectate camera movement is faster, plus a little more viewfield.

Gold ore spits more coins!
Gold ore now spits more coins out before it turns grey (when gold ore turns grey, wait a minute or two before it becomes normal again and spits out coins)

Freeze in portal
You can now drop viruses on players that are frozen in portal, and the virus will split them into many pieces. Additionally, you can also feed dropped portals (only dropped portals) for long enough (after the portal spits 20 times) and the portal will disappear.

Dropped portals explode into bits
Dropped portals will now explode into bits when they disappear after 5 minutes. (Explode = portal spits out lots of ejected cells and is removed)

Faster shopping!
Buying multiple items from the store is now much faster. You can buy 5 items of something, and will almost instantly have it available in your inventory.

New tooltip in shop
When you hover over a shop item, you will now see a slightly improved tooltip. Looks like this:
[Image: 3fX5mVf.png]

Quick-close Purchase confirmation 
You can now quickly close the purchase confirmation popup box by clicking any where on screen outside the box, instead of having to click the X button.

Mobile Zoom
Zooming is possible on mobile devices! Use the top left zoom slider, and turn on "infinite zoom" in the settings for extra zoom.

Supersonic gamemode coming in a couple days!

A new gamemode is being released in a couple of days. It's about speed, quick reflexes, and fast reaction time.

As always, enjoy, and comment below if there are any bugs, fixes, or things you think should be different.

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