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  • 5 Guide: How to get bots / minions on agma!
Welcome to the tutorial series!

The agma tutorial series teach you how to play like a pro.

This tutorial shows you how to get bots on! Bots, or also known as minions, are small cells that spawn around the map like normal players, with the exception that they all follow your mouse. So with a 100 bots, you will have 100 different players heading to the direction of your mouse cursor in game. You can also control your bots by splitting them with A key, and feeding with X key. When you use bots in agma, you automatically get autofeed and autosplit turned on.

Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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Perfect For The Newbies, Just getting into the game!
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sora bota gold na minha conta por favor  Heart

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