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Welcome to the tutorial series!

The agma tutorial series teach you how to play like a pro.

This tutorial shows you how to spin the wheel. The spinning wheel is a reward system in agma which lets you win an item from the wheel. The wheel offers the chance to win a Santa hat, Mothercell, 50k Coins, Speed powerup, growth powerup, spawn portal, nothing, or instant recombine.
Some of the prizes on the wheel are very rare to get, such as the Santa Hat. However, there is nothing to lose when spinning the wheel, as you get one free spin every 24 hours!

Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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Ive only ever gotten the santa hat once! It Was An Exciting moment
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(03-27-2018, 07:22 PM)Owl Wrote: Ive only ever gotten the santa hat once! It Was An Exciting moment

Hey, you only NEED to get the Santa Hat once!

But I understand there was a bug for awhile where it LOOKED like you'd gotten the Santa Hat, but had actuakky landed on something next to it.

I believe that's fixed now?

But if you win the real one, you get your 4 Million coin Santa Hat, for all time. (lol)

(I just told my 8 yr old that he could buy it. lol... Afterwards, I told myself that I should caution him about blowing all the coins in one place! (lolll) )
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