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Split-running, trick-splitting, and more!
Great instructions, I'm sure a lot of people will find this helpful. Smile
Have A Nice Day! d(・ω・)b

(12-16-2015, 09:43 AM)UglyBoi Wrote: Perhaps I need to find a friend to try this with, solo play is hard as hell! Thanks for the tips.

yo if u want message me on my Email if u have teamspeak Big Grin
nice man helped a lot
(01-21-2017, 05:00 AM)Rize Split Wrote: nice man helped a lot

I'd forgotten about this thread... lol.

Wow, even though I find that I have no use for agar-based jargon, I think I now know what "splitrunning" and "tricksplitting" are.

Of course, since I never "team" in the sense you guys all use that word, and just fulfill temporary situational roles (whatevers called for) in the 'Teams' variant, I will probably still need some time in AGF, and actual teaming, to get this stuff.

It's too bad that XC disappeared before explaining his "vanishsplit", lol. I don't think I've heard anyone else use that one.

(Silly jargon, tricks is for kids!)
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
thanks for sharing those tips. most of those come with experience but you will always find some new tips and tricks if you continue looking around. thanks alot for sharing this with the communitie!
hello does anyone have suggestions for clans i am lvl 30 and i am looking to joining a clan
Wake up Griffin, wake up...
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I Hope griffin comes back lol, these forums will slowly get more active againSmile

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