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Split-running, trick-splitting, and more!
Good job with advice!
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Nice man!
Tired of living.
Very helpfull, I'm probably going to try this out with some friends!
Just wondering. I think someone should maybe make a Follow-up to this thread maybe improving the descriptions and adding the 2 other main splits in the Vanishsplit and the Popsplit. I also may make a AGF tips and tricks guide with the help of others.

Big Grin
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Great tutorial buddy!.

I'm sure this will help a lot of the newbies to the section!.


I see people instantly combine how is this possible? and if there's a key to doing this please do tell.
(12-15-2015, 10:10 PM)Galaxies Nation Wrote: Popping the opponents tends to be very easy too. People forget about viruses and the ability to pop.

I can pop-split.... That's when you guzzle the whole can, just like that, right? Then it's gone!

But as for the game... it makes no sense to me. When you split, you kind of pop-out... the one piece gets ejected fast, and the leftover piece gets slowed down a whole lot.

I actually thought you were saying that little trick of waiting for a foe you are chasing to split, then splitting yourself fast to eat one of his 2 balls was the 'pop split'.

All this jargon seems silly to me. It's just a simple game! Who decides to coin a term, anyhow?

I play the public 'Teams' game, so things are quite different there.

I enjoy splitting once, then teasing some guy who's bigger than me, and doing a ziggy-zaggy pattern using viruses, but leading back to where I know a huge teammate of mine is waiting, so he can eat the toys I bring him. Big Grin

Or... I'll blow some huge guy up, then go tick him off by charging him, and eating his tiny balls, making him mad, and he splits to eat me. And then I stay there watching as my teammate eats him. Big Grin

I suppose I'm not a very nice squirrel, tricking people like that. :|

(06-30-2016, 10:14 PM)TheAmazingJon Wrote: I see people instantly combine how is this possible? and if there's a key to doing this please do tell.

Are you talking about inside the AGF server?

You may see these little things that look like pizza's in the game. I think if you press 'E' and have one of those, then you instantly merge.

If I'm wrong, would someone please laugh at me, and correct me?

I'm still an AGF-noob. I was just in there to be Karla's chew-toy. LOL
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so awesome
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200 mass is too little for me
cool dude
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