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Well i'm sorry you feel that way
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I need gold, but i'm broke. P.S Someone should get qwerty gold.
Hey if you ever want free gold,bots and or coins :
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You would need to work hard on the tasks as well Wink
[Image: image0.gif?width=400&height=200]
(05-01-2018, 01:41 AM)YaGirlBantrr Wrote: You would need to work hard on the tasks as well Wink

Some tasks, are easier than others. It just depends what your passionate about.
I like both designs! I just have one question...we still have all the servers...right??? Thanks Sora for all your hard work on agma and agf! I really appreciate it and know everyone else does too!
[Image: Jell_Belly_Sig.png]
Thanks so much @EqAtOmBe for the AMAZING signature!!!
Have fun and be awesome >^^<
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(03-07-2018, 07:19 PM)Nuke Wrote: Maybe an idea?

Do you have the tampermonkey script for your designs?
[Image: 8L9jzaX.gif]

I like them all! I’m really happy that the new designs have an update bar!! That’s cool! I also think it would be good for leople who don’t know about agf, or just don’t come on here often. They have a place on the main page! Thanks so much @Sora for letting us share our opinions!!! Smile
If you need help, you can message me here:
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Thanks so much @EqAtOmBe  for the AWESOME sig!!!!!!!!

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Wow really interesting article, may later be able to share other helpful information are more interesting. Thank you!
Be on the look out for updates!

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