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A lot of new players in agma don't know about all the features the game has, or how to use and benefit from all these features.
For example how to buy/obtain, and use powerups or items. How to drop items. How to get a custom skin. How to add and accept friends in friendlist.

Therefore,'s official YouTube channel seeks to upload a video series of tutorials on how to play agma and how to use the different existing functionalities in the game.
If someone is interested in recording and editing a complete video series, send me a message. You will be rewarded with a good amount of rewards in agma, credit, and the honor of having your videos uploaded to a growing Youtube channel which currently has 7k subscribers.

Agma's YouTube channel:

The format of each tutorial video should be very simple and easy to understand, with clear instructions. Each video should be as short as possible, with simple, minimal steps. Preferably 1 to 2 minutes each video.

If you're interested, you should message me so we can talk and see if you're suitable for doing this. Below is a list of the tutorial videos that are needed: Tutorial 1 - How to use the shop in agma Tutorial 2 - How to buy and use powerups (recombine, 2x speed) Tutorial 3 - How to spawn viruses in game Tutorial 4 - How to spawn portals in game Tutorial 5 - How to use 360 push shot powerup Tutorial 6 - How to buy and use abilities (macro feed, freeze, 2x exp) Tutorial 7 - How to buy and use custom skin Tutorial 8 -  How to buy and use wearables Tutorial 9 -  How to buy megaphone shout Tutorial 10 - How to spin the wheel and get free rewards Tutorial 11 - How to buy and use bots in agma Tutorial 12 - How to tweak change custom settings in agma Tutorial 13 - How to view highscores in agma Tutorial 14 - How to become a gold member in agma Tutorial 15 - How to use friendlist in agma
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
I can do that
Sounds like fun Big Grin
I don't run from my problems. I just sit at my desk, playing all day and ignore them like every other responsible person on here

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