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It is very much a privilege to have the option to be a 'Gold Member' on, and with so many benefits such as;

FastFeed, Fast Split, 2x Starting Mass = (a little buggy but still awesome), 15 recombines, Freeze and of course WEARABLES which were recently added. I am unsure if the wearables for Gold Membership is for Gold hats, or the Wearables in general.. but anyway, I luv wearables Big Grin & of course we get the gold skins and crown in the chat. The Gold Membership price, I have no complaints. It is affordable and great value.

After spending 999 Hours and 38 minutes of gameplay (Yes I need a life, but Agma is too cool), and I am most likely very much a noob compared to other players, but I have come to think of just a little improvement for Gold Members as follows;

Daily Bonuses. This could be coins, an extra Wheel of Fortune spin and/or preferably shop items such as recombines, speeds or just RANDOM items to make it like.. Wow, look what I got for logging in today! This should obviously ONLY be applied if you log-in within the 24hr time-frame, and maybe play for a certain amount of time. I truly believe this suggestion to be beneficial for both and members that choose the Gold option and hope it would be considered in the long term. Smile

I can't think of anything else that would improve the game for Gold Members as such, but thank you for taking the time to read my post! Fantastic game and great staff.
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Thank you for the feedback, squid!
Good suggestion! Daily Rewards has been an idea for a while, but combining it with your idea of giving a different or more rewards to a gold member is possible. Will look at ideas for rewarding users and gold members daily.
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