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fl is recruiting !
ℱℒ Clan (Flawless) -[Image: b231248aa321ecac50d2d5d2a0476f8a.svg] New !ELITE! Clan [Image: 43f3d80150abccba31df3e32ea4b3cec.svg] - [Image: dcbf6274f0ce0f393d064a72db2c8913.svg] EU/NA [Image: dcbf6274f0ce0f393d064a72db2c8913.svg]  -Recruiting Staff [Image: ccf4c733929efd9762ab02cd65175377.svg] - Clan for  -New Rank Up System! -Little Events! - Active!! -Free GoldMemberShip by 50 ℱℒMembers  -The Goldmembership will be given by a Tournament when we Reach 50 ℱℒ Members So this Doesn't Count for DISCORD Members! -Everyone is Welcome to Join, but only "Good" people will get recruited.  [Image: b231248aa321ecac50d2d5d2a0476f8a.svg] Leaders: [Image: b231248aa321ecac50d2d5d2a0476f8a.svg] [Image: c6b26ba81f44b0c43697852e1e1d1420.svg] ℱℒ Headless  ℱℒ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ Flawless [Image: 8dd3fb05cf83cad5d68191580b638c50.svg] ℱℒ Clan [Image: 8dd3fb05cf83cad5d68191580b638c50.svg]
Looks great!

Mamba is 1 of our Recruiters btw <3

Discord Invite for FL --->

[Image: T5PCLgN.png]

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