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Looking for experienced Players FFA/XP EU/Russia/Turkey
Hey @all

  • 23 y/o
  • 2 x lvl 100
  • All Tricks and also reversing most of the enemies tricks
  • very experineced in FFA and XP 
  • still learning party Blush

I'm looking for very good players (or clans) to clean some hippie servers in EU/Turkey/Russia. You have to:
  • be mature
  • have skype + skype calls (English or German)
  • be a very good player
  • agree to have no random friends. Eat all!
  • play fair! Respect other and don't savage solo players
  • use an ogario based mod (ogario, legend, kitty...)
  • be fine with me recording our gameplay from time to time. 
I used to play with ⚔ℱ? / ⚔ᶠᶜ, ᎶƩⱤ, v̶i̶p̶,кεş? and back in the days when I was new even with LC (peccadillo Wink ) 
Since these groups become pretty inactive I'm looking for new friends to play from time to time. Feel free to add me @Discord or PM me for my Skype or just write your Skype here.

Discord: Rico#5921
Skype: Aks via PM

I'm looking forward to hearing form you!
Hello, I send you a request on discord.

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