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Wow that's a lot of new stuff, didn't expect so much. Thx sora!
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Very nice update! Seems we now have a lot more things to keep the game interesting. I commend all the Staff, Developers, and members that contributed greatly to this game. Smile

I believe that the max level should be 500, since a lot of players are already close to 200. Perhaps 500 is a little much, but I'll just throw this number out there. (Lol)

The new wearables are pretty interesting, they also gave me a good laugh. Looks like I'll be seeing some "thugs of Agma" Tongue

The gold brick that you can push aroind and, has coins coming out is pretty unique. This'll keep the coin farmers happy! (Lol) As well as the free coins.

Can't wait to check out the new spins, this'll keep me entertained. Tongue

I want to sit here and keep commenting about all the new updates, but I've ran out of time. Once again good job to everyone who helped! Agma gets more and more unique every update.
 -Polearm [Image: Pc7GVNA.png]
Thank you all for the great feedback.
If there is anything you wish to see in the game, even an unrealistic idea, give it a post.

@Polearm, nice to hear! I agree about the 'thugs of agma'. Think it's Coo. I've seen thuggers use the spin command to literally be 'rollin'. Looks funny with styleSmile
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The respawn delay should be removed, I don't understand the logic behind it other than some server performance issues. (which I highly doubt will get fixed using a delay since the load will be just about the same). It's pointless having to wait 3-4 seconds to respawn, and while it isn't such a big wait time, it can impact on your patience after a while. Not many people like it and I see why.

Now for the powerups; they should be limited heavily, both by the shop and by the server. Maybe add restrictions to how many powerups you can use in a specific timeframe (this would be different depending on the server) and also add restrictions for bulk purchases via the shop by using the same restrictions as the regular powerup shop has for merges and speeds. It's not a fun experience when you're about to kill someone and they merge right when you split, it's turning this game into a p2w (pay to win) especially after the bulk powerup packages, and the worst thing about it is that a newcomer can take down someone that's been playing the game for 300+ hours longer than they have because of the powerups they have bought. And from a developers point of view, it makes money, which is understandable why you put such shop packages up for sale since you need to pay for server costs, but it will damage the player base by a reasonable amount and introduce p2w players, thus turning into a competitive game rather than a fun game.

For the portals; maybe there should be a limit on how far away you can place one down from another, like a radius, which will stop people from making a wall of portals around them and abusing it, which right now isn't happening but someone will eventually figure it out Wink

Enough of the criticism, I think this is a good update (minus the stuff I've mentioned above) that will add a lot more interesting, fun and unique gameplay experiences.

I'll be looking forward to the new banning and punishment system, it's a needed thing in a game like this, and improvements to it will have to be made (which I'm happy to help with, if you're interested)

Thank you Sora for the update, this is my feedback on it Smile
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I'd love to see an option to mute individual people in the game chat, or a "block" option that no longer shows chat messages or invites from an individual. Tongue
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(01-21-2018, 10:13 PM)QueenHeather Wrote: I'd love to see an option to mute individual people in the game chat, or a "block" option that no longer shows chat messages or invites from an individual. Tongue

That's what I wanted for so long as well.
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