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  • 5 Updates - January 12th
[Image: vs5EzwC.png] Updates 12 January
[Image: i74Ylrt.png]
Welcome to the summary of today's agma updates!
New Wearables
New wearables are added to the shop. Check the wearable tab in the game shop.

Gold Brick/Ore
The gold ore is now movable in game by pushing it with your cells. It will also spit out coins far 
enough to not make them stuck underneath the gold ore anymore.

Mass Highscores
Mass highscores is now available! Select "Mass" scores here:

New Spin Commands
Flip and Shake! Surprise your agma friends and enemies by popping your cells unexpectedly.

Coins 3D effect
Coins will now spin around and have a 3D simulated effect

You can earn coins or minions by referring friends. However, they must reach at least level 5 to count as a referred player.

On level up, your playercells will play an animation for everyone to see.

Coin reward on level up
Every time you level up, you will receive a coin gift.

Max level 200
Max level in game is limited to 200 for now, meaning once you reach level 200 you cannot level up anymore. If you think increasing this is a good idea, comment below what the max level should be and why you think it should be increased.

Sort skins by popularity/newest
You can now view skins in the shop filtered by popularity and new.

Quicker shop navigation
When navigating in the shop to specific items, they will be highlighted

Mirror of your cell in shop
A small box in the shop lets you see how your cells looks like with your skin and wearables. 
You can hover your mouse on your cell and select specific wearable or skin and click it to change.

Bug with respawn
Sometimes when respawning, your keyboard keys wouldn't work. This is now fixed.

Spins remaining on wheel of fortune
You now always see how many spins you have remaining on the wheel of fortune. Buying new spins tops up your counter. When buying a +1 spin the wheel from shop, you will not lose your daily spin anymore.
A massive bug in the spinning wheel has also been fixed, where people buying +1 spins actually didn't receive their spins. 
Instead, other players randomly got to use the spins. This is now fixed.

Sound of wheel of fortune
The spinning wheel sound effect has been adjusted to fit the visual spinning wheel.

Free coins to everyone above level 1!
And to finalize the updates, everyone has received free coins for their level ups! 
You will automatically receive this once you login for the first time after this update.
Hope you enjoy!

[Image: KZyrSjg.png]
[Image: GvsklpD.png]
[Image: CXrJXS1.png]
[Image: 7Maar8n.png]
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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Good work, looking forward to future updates. Loving the new "coin reward for level" system!
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This update is nice Big Grin, also I like the second to last message in the first ss lolol
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Good job Admin Sora<3.These are the best updates in Agma so far.Loved the new spin commands.Looking forward for future updates.
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I would say its a little sad that you made a level limit, thats gonna prevent people from grinding since you cant be the highest leveled player now
Love the update
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(01-13-2018, 12:31 PM)Kevin/HazR Wrote: I would say its a little sad that you made a level limit, thats gonna prevent people from grinding since you cant be the highest leveled player now

I don't think that will be the case. You can still accumulate xp, I'm guessing, and people at level 200 will just have their own little club, where they are listed according to xp. The best guy is still on top, and you can still go beat his tail and take his place. Smile
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
I just got free coins! sweeeeet
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Amazing job Sora as usual.

I think leveling up and getting reward every time you level up was a great idea.

I will definitely be pushing for new high scores as well.

I will excited to play.
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great job as always Smile
do not let go Wink
to go always from before is the best Heart
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                                                 thx at @run SPOT run  for this  Sig`s  
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