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Hello fellow gamers!
(01-11-2018, 05:49 AM)SizeMatters Wrote: Hello fellow gamers!

Hail, and welcome to the Forums!

Yes, some would claim that the Size of your Balls matter... lol.

Except they can be quickly shattered, then eaten!

Even by one as lowly as a furry rodent!

And then what are ya?!

Welcome aboard, and I hope that you have a blast with us!

I'd say that your name shows a hint of some humour, even though you literally told us nuttin' else about you!

That avatar/PFP looks a bit... scary, though. lol

Hope to see more messages from you soon, and maybe find out a bit more about you!
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
Welcome to the forums. Your username gave me a laugh because size does indeed matter in Agma (lol). I can say this introduction is short and sweet. Hopefully we'll get to know more about you in the future. Smile
 -Polearm [Image: Pc7GVNA.png]
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