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Here are some ways to become cool and a pro at;

Popsplit; press the w key rapidly (unless you have fast feed) into a virus until it multiplies. Aim the feed at the person you want to popsplitted. When it multiplies, it will go into your subject and it will explode. You can split and eat it.

Popsplit Deluxe (pros only); when you are big(5k+ mass) , and you want to eat someone bigger, all you have to do is get the bigger person near a virus, then split into them a few times. Chances are, unless you messed up, the bigger person exploded. Split into the middle of the explosion and you will eat the player. 

Virus Splitter( on Crazy, Fast Split, Slow Split, X_eu instant, XYTestServerInsta, Splitrun Paradise, And Popsplit Paradise servers); explode yourself on a virus and immediately feed to the middle of the explosion. You may have eaten another player cuz it was tricked into eating you in the explosion. Do not Use X-test server.

Get Macrosplit on Potions; This will not necessarily make you pro, but it will make you look pro. Cool

Portal room; On every server, there is a portal room, on the bottom left corner of the server. When you get to the corner, go right and down, you should enter a secret entrance going down. By the portal, there are +3000 mass potions and powerups.
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Basic Knowledge & Experience Play A Key Role In Becoming A Good Player, But Time Plays A Huge Role.

Buying Gold Membership, Will Give You A Head Start Above All Others
There are new things I would like to add since I am about 10 levels in advance.

Chaos' specialty 1. My normal username in is [ɗəՏբՃՇլեՕ]€⑂д☢Ѕ ([despacito] chaos) so this is my personal specialty No. 1. When someone else ate you when you were big, and now they got eaten and are little again, simply give them a bit of your mass (unless he/she  is bigger than you) and split into somebody huge. Usually the cell will go after you, and therefore it will also get eaten. This is for the times you need to get out a little anger.

Chaos' specialty 2. When you just wanna make people go nuts, just buy fast feed, find a virus, and multiply the virus a million times. then spawn a million people next to the virus. Watch the player light show.
Nice tips, I'll see if I can actually do some lolol. Even though my noobness is strong! Tongue Good luck whomever applies these tips and I hope they'll work for you!
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Its Requires Skill

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