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New Agario Video Game
[Image: Agar_lol.png]


There is actually one rule in game: Bigger cells need to eat smaller cells. This is the most important condition in the game. İf i will the talk about other conditions about the game,

Eat the smaller cells on the your screen and other smaller cells ( its means other players ) to increase the score of your own cells.
You can eject mass with “W” button for feeding your smaller friend.
As i said above avoid viruses and use them to your advantage. Press w button ( 7 time ) with targeting your mouse to player. Player will be splitted.
Your cell can split into half with space button. Your cells will be thrown forward. But be careful, your cell will be split into half. You can use this feature for attack.
Other player’s bigger cells can eat you. Avoid larger cells.

The named button with Custom Skin, it works for you can select your own skin in game. For use click to button, select a right image and click play button.
The named button with Fancy Nick, it allow to you select a fancy nick.
The named button with Spectate, you can watch other players without play

How to start using Agario skins?

The first step before changing your cell skin is to choose the one you would like to use. You can easily browse all available Agario skins in the table above. After that, just go into the game, enter your skin name into the “Nick” field and that’s it. You can start playing.

Everyone agrees it’s much funnier to play this highly addictive game using skins. However players who choose this option have to know they will not be able to use any custom names. If you can live with that, there are no other effects on your gameplay except that some people may specifically target or protect players with a certain skin.

Happy playing!

Play now: Trolling Best Moments Video

Thanks for letting us know about this variant!

I'm not sure that I saw anything in your post that's appreciably different from the original, though?

'Maybe a few will check it out and do reviews for us. lol

(Is there really a TLD .'lol' now?!?! This seems more like one of Google's April 1st jokes!.... hehehe This part, at least, I must learn... heh, if only because a few of my work customers may want one, so long as it's not a poorly disguised cash-grab, like some of the other uncommon TLDs!)
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
Game Is Kinda Funny But In My Spare Time Worth Checking Out
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Special Thanks to, @Sora & @retslac

[Image: agmalogo_a.png]
A simple and fun game to play!
online run 3 game, Spanish dictionary definition
A very simple and funny game and i like most simple and fun games thank you for review and guide me

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