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new's private servers
three new server private agario

Big Grin  Heart Heart Heart
Wana share with us a little about them?
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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(11-09-2017, 06:21 PM)deltax Wrote: three new server private agario

Big Grin  Heart Heart Heart

The 3rd looks like a misspelled domain name, lol!

True story: I once discovered a business who had a domain hosted in our environment, and the important 'Admin Contact' e-mail address, someone had typoed, and misspelled the domain name. That domain didn't exist, and if someone else had noticed, they could have registered the misspelled domain, and essentially have
stolen their domain name.

Oh well. If anyone goes to check out these new variants, will you share?
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happyforwin has video adds it forces you to watch, other than that they are all the same server type made popular by and the original tampermonky cheats. Fast reform servers with multisplit hotkeys and multishot viruses making them teamer servers. These are copy/paste servers, all offering the same look/play/skins with very little to differentiate the 3. If you like macrosplit teaming, these are all reasonable places to play.
thanx @deltax for the heads up! I'm always open for a new server.
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