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[Image: vs5EzwC.png] Updates 28 October
[Image: UVSNPnU.png]

Welcome to the summary of today's agma updates!
These updates have taken a while to implement, mainly due to the small details, patches, and bugfixes - which take time. 
It's likely that you won't notice a lot of these small patches, but they're reasonable improvements in whole to the game.

A large part of this update has been focused on improving gameplay and reducing lag. There's been a lot of performance improvements on multiple fronts so that there will be less lag.

Some of the more visible changes include:

Custom Skins
You may now submit your own, custom skin to agma by using the Skin Uploader in Shop -> Skins -> Custom Skins.
The way it works is by letting you upload a custom skin of your choice.  You can choose whether you want the skin to be available to the public - meaning everyone can use it free, or only accessable to you - meaning nobody else but you can use that skin. 
After submitting your skin, it will be awaiting approval by staff. Once the skin is approved, it will be locked for 30 days. (Locked means you cannot change the skin). After 30 days, you can change your skin if you wish.

HighScores Page
Navigate to and view a list of players and their levels. 
Mass HighScores on each server are up to come in the next update. Servers do currently keep track of mass scores, so if you've reached a high score, you'll be shown in the mass scores when they're released.

Agma has somewhat of an introductory homepage at with more screenshots and slides to come. If you have any nice screenshots you'd like to appear on the slide, post them as a reply to this thread.
New Background - Section Grid
In the settings, you may toggle "Section Grid" on or off. This is the same type of background as the minimap has. 
The only downside with section grid is that it's more laggy than the Fancy Grid. If you want to reduce lag as much as possible, you should play with no grid at all. Wiki
A wiki page for has been created at 
Note that the wiki page is not complete at all. The purpose of it is to be created and edited by members of AGF and agma. You can sign up on the wiki page, and start editing or creating new articles. The more you make, the more valuable and contributing you'll be to the game, meaning that you'll be added to the official credits behind supporting the game. Credits can be seen at
The wiki page should contain information about the game. Whether it's about the easter eggs such as spin, getting to 2nd secret room, to shop items and gold membership. The wiki is supposed to be updated by players! Halloween 2017
We've been lucky to have @EqAtOmBe make us special skins for Halloween, and they're free to use!
[Image: 7gRcuXb.png]
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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Big Grin Wink
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thank you for allowing me to share his skins  Heart

I hope people will have fun playing with their skins

congratulations for this update  Big Grin

have fun all  Cool
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                                                 thx at @run SPOT run  for this  Sig`s  
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Hurraayyy. Can i hear an applause? Well done!!!!
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Custom Skins... whoooo! Time to slap out that Scotland skin and totally be a noob! SCOTLAND THE BRAVE Tongue
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Thank you for the update @Sora! Thanks @EqAtOmBe for your awesome skins!
My video!
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If you need any help, you can write me a message. Click here to write me a message.

Staff Members:

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thank you

thanks to @Sora and to you all because without you he would have no AGMA

each of the members is important to make live games

Congratulations and thank you all   Heart
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                                                 thx at @run SPOT run  for this  Sig`s  
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Me gusta Heart
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Greets you

If you need any help, JUST ASK Wink

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