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Little known facts
Simple thread, just reply with one or two (or as many as you want) facts about yourself that most people don't know!
I'll start Tongue
I'm learning Spanish and I work in a call center... Where I'm not l allowed to speak Spanish. And if someone calls in speaking in another language, I have to pretend I don't understand them and send them to another department that speaks their language.
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I live on a rock where everything is expensive.

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I now live in Spain and want to work in Florida
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My names Nick and I have lots of issues. My life is becoming a living meme/hell and the world is not ending Saturday on the 23rd Smile I want to die Smile Happy Easter?
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oooh nice that you are now in the same industry as me @QueenHeather 

l love making artsy things. l do cross stitching, paper folding, beads craft etc. Usually l take up those kinds of projects when l'm down. l think keeping myself busy helps me put my negative feelings into positive outcomes. 
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I work as pipe welder it have me gone from home longtime, month on end usually, I like to cook Smile and maybe I cook better than sister of me Tongue haha! I joke @Nancy
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I too answer the phone as one of my varied duties.

I work nights in a windowless (except for our boardroom) building, and typically bop my head to or sing trance tunes to maintain a wakeful state all night long!

(And I'm convinced that this is why everyone takes good care to not show up for work early!)

My agma career was short-circuited when they told me I can't play games at work anymore. Instead, I can often be found here, or thirsting for good convo on Discord at bizarre hours of the night. Big Grin
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
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I'm a carpenter/painter. I build or repair at least 3 bicycles a year for fun. I'm a total music nerd that still looks for the new and strange....My oldest daughter is in her 4th year of college at the age of 19, and the younger two are both promising. I'm a winter member, so expect more from me in the coming months...
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I like to answer my phone with my "Cookie Monster" impersonation.

And if it's a guy from Microsoft calling about my computer, booooyyyy do I have fun wit' dat clown!
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
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I'm Apix you lads might know me for being Scottish but I found out a month ago that my family has some Russian in us! Tongue Who would've thought...

I suck at Agma lolol
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