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??乃口メ 乃口メ??
(08-12-2017, 09:38 PM)Kipper Wrote: Hi & welcome! I visited Quebec City a couple of months ago and loved it there. I'm in Vancouver.

A mari usque ad mare. You are a pure.
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(08-09-2017, 06:22 AM)BoxBox Wrote: Hey folks!

It's me, the (tiny) blob you may have seen wandering around, hiding behind names such as Be Unlimited / A decent guy / Another tryhard / the one in this title... or this name, which is my favorite: The new noobie on the quadrant who needs (and wants) to get his butt kicked in game... as long as it's done with love  Wink

Behind the name you see in game, my real-life name is Henri, some guy from Quebec with the head in the clouds, daydreaming about arts and nightgaming, and who's about to undergo a serious reorientation in life... (not sexually)... so this part still needs to be written, but I'm ambitious and whatever I get into, I give it my best shot.

As a gamer, I have a huge preference for strategy games, which attracted me to, since I'm dozing off League of Legends. Before anyone gets confused, as I'm a big fan of his Riven's plays, I'm not the real Boxbox, but I found the name pretty cool so I'm borrowing it for the while.

Solo'd my path up to level 60, I want to approach the game in a more team oriented mindset. I've posted it in the team/clan section, but I might as well bring it up here too, if ever some of you feel like tagging along with me from time to other, I'd gladly partner with you and learn from the best, whether it's with or against them.

And voilà, see you all in a nearby quadrant! Heart

hey @BoxBox
Glad to meet you Great story lol love it dude  .  Come to  discord and join my group. You have lvl 60. Cool. I am putting a team together to except challenges.  I need some teamers too. This is mainly for Agma because it's a great game. here is link invite. At least just come and BS . No pressure for the team.
Bullies have personal issues.
Welcome to the community!

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                                                  Thanks very much, @EqAtOmBe
                                                   for skin and signature, kiss 

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