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Looking for a mate to help me code the next extension
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@Sora This thread should be locked, no?
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I am jimboy3100, author of legend mod. I made many scripts that I really dont need any advertisement. I had got banned because kind kitty (left the game) accused me for using kitty mod code. In fact I use various scripts and various codes, github libraries etc.
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(08-03-2016, 06:57 PM)Tinsten Wrote: Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a mate who's got reasonable knowledge in web development; html, javascript, jquery and css.
If you know these languages and you want to make an extension just comment and I'll contact you.
I've already started creating the extension.
I'm not really sure how to prove my skill-level, but I can tell you that I've made 5 scripts, and all of them is working fine:
- Skin changer
- Extension
- Extension
- Extension
- Macro feed and Macro split
Hopefully there will be people interested!

Its been a while since this post was open but give me a shout. I am interested!
(09-03-2018, 09:41 PM)WORMWOOD Wrote: Its been a while since this post was open but give me a shout. I am interested!

It's been more than 2 years now, since that was posted.

So likely, you won't hear back.

But also, hear me out on something that you should consider:

Scripts and extensions tend to ruin games.

They usually either automate parts of the playing of it, or improve a player's chances of doing well. Both represent unfair advantages.

And while I applaud your wanting to write code, and learn... (You are likely young, and that's what I was doing when I was young... coding!) ...there are better ways to do it. And really, the only thing you could do that's worse, in my books, is author malware or a virus.

I myself made a very simple game, by myself... and I took another game, and significantly improved it. Both were in collaboration with those who provide on-line games, rather than flying in their faces.

And sure, it might be hard to get to know someone doing an on-line game... but the programmers are a pretty tight-knit group, and if you start by doing your own thing, and look for indie games that are being worked on (they often look for people willing to volunteer some of their time), I think that could be your foot-in-the-door to entering that circle yourself.

I hope that you'll further your goals in writing code, and that you'll find a way to do that, and better the gaming world as a whole, rather than what might be seen by some as inflicting a wound on it.

(That said, there are some extensions that game developers might not mind so much. If you're insistent on pursuing that angle, I would approach the developer first, and make sure they're on-board with it. You can just as easily sully your name with the community, such that no-one will want to work with you, or for you.)
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LMAO the way that guy got banned.

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