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AC Clan // Searching for Clan Wars // Recruitment open
AC clan open again for clan wars, welcome to join our discord server to schedule one Smile

Don't let yourself be a loser.
Don't give up.
Just keep trying 

Coaco Style  Wink 

Hello, I am a Manager in the OC Clan, a Hardcore clan. I was searching threw Clan Wars and this was an Appealing post.
If we would be doing this clan war. I would want to change the time's each half to 20 mins.
And the OC Clan Owner and, Co would like to be apart of this CW, So it would be a 2V2.
If you don't want to change the rules or not do a 2V2, its okay. I also wouldn't mind a 3V3 including me or another clan member. If you don't want to do a 2V2.
Thank you for your corporation.
Have a good day Big Grin

Sincerely OC Echo/OC Clan  Smile  
If you don't reply in the next 48 hour's, the clan war is off.

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(07-05-2016, 03:30 AM)Slothy Wrote: The kid with good manners the leader
Plus trying to make me look shit?
How would me filling your router with 20 million pings sound? Then again, and again.
I have the people and knowledge to do so. Many people under estimate me. I can do some very bad thing. How bout dox you? Spread your adress, phone number all over the internet. You are fucking with the wrong person. I highly recommend apologizing. I can do many many things.  
Last week i and other people (will not be sharing anything about them) DDoSed 3 different people for 5 hours at a time. We ddosed a private server. We have the power to fuck you over. So like i said, i highly recommend apologizing. Also @Sora remove the post in the shoutbox about me. That will just lead him more pain.

god damn
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You heard the man.
clan is dead
best sig ever
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Nice Clan Breakfast. Big Grin I'm hungry for Breakfast now...
Sorry, I'm gone. 
(07-05-2016, 03:21 AM)CoacoExtreme Wrote:
Currently AC Clan is looking forward to schedule clan wars.
No Extensions
No Bots (Bargario,, ect)
2 out of 3 rounds
40 min each round
each round will be scheduled separately

If you want to change the rules, please contact Leader or Co-Leaders on Discord




Elite Member


Current GFX Designers/Video Editor

-Be able to participate in clan practices
-Do Basic tricks
-Have a Discord and Skype account
-Good attitude and manner
-Be active

Join Discord server for tryout
Good Luck 

I would join, but I can't promise how active I can be. Plus, I don't know if you want a multiboxer like me in your clan Tongue
Thumbs Up 
Hey guys we want to challenge you guys to a clan war if you want to we are planning on doing it on the 27th aka tuesday plz reply and thx  Smile
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]ŞÃᎶᗴᗩnͥimͣeͫ:㊄凉[/color]
Hello we are looking for a clan war we are the SAGE clan and we challenge you on saturday,December 25th please reply thanks
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]ŞÃᎶᗴᗩnͥimͣeͫ:㊄凉[/color]
(12-22-2016, 01:08 AM)ClanWarFinder Wrote: Hello we are looking for a clan war we are the SAGE clan and we challenge you on saturday,December 25th please reply thanks

Here is a thought, perhaps post in the 'Clans War' section you'll have a higher chance of a response. 

Good luck.
Sorry, I'm gone. 

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