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AGF Is dying. We can change this.
rip ig lol
i think you think too much of me

i think i think too much

Why bump this thread @Conquest ?
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(03-15-2018, 02:27 AM)run SPOT run Wrote: Why bump this thread @Conquest ?

Gaming is an industry that is ever-changing, and old games do have a way of fading.

But this game, I believe will have extra staying power, just like "Minesweeper" of Windows lore. It's simple, fun, and all you need are a few other people playing it to have your own fun.

Perhaps Conquest just meant to point out the guy who thought the game was dead... was dead-wrong, because the game is going strong more than a year later. Smile (Although, to be fair, a bunch of work has been put into agma, and really, AGF is gone... although we still have the server... heh)
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