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AGF Is dying. We can change this.
Wouldn't say it this dramatic, in the end it's just the last few tests before summer and (for my part) I'm still very busy coding useless stuff! Smile (I haven't worked on AGF since, but I will as soon as @Sora's hands out the updates to the crowd, so I can build uppon them)

@Garpede u make social network stuff heheheeheh ~runs away~
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(07-02-2016, 05:06 AM)Squirrel Wrote:
(07-01-2016, 11:58 PM)Slothy Wrote: Hello all of AGF.
Today I have a serious topic. Slowly I, and other members have noticed that are beloved site Agarioforums is dying. 

Are you a Forum-Doctor? hehe... because I disagree!

Yes, there has been less activity here. I suggest that there are other reasons...

It's SUmmer TiiIiIiiime!!

I work for an ISP, and I can tell you that we historically use the Internet significantly less during the summer, and spend a bunch of time doing other things.

Also, some people will have vacations. I myself will be gone for the last two weeks of July. I'll be in a place with no computers, so I just won't be on! It doesn't mean the place is dying.

I think, though, that while it's slow, it would be cool if people tried to contribute to the messages more. So I definitely think that suggestion of yours is good. Big Grin

(07-02-2016, 12:24 AM)s1104874 Wrote: Aight capin can I be shoutbox goddess
im saying hi when nobody else is XD

Say, if you're going to officially be 'goddess', did you know you may already have a minion? (OK, two, if you include me.)

Someone else is S10_extra digits here_!  I thought it was you at first, but couldn't figure out what you were talking about. And then I realized that your avatar was conspicuously absent, and it started with S10, not S11!

Have you been recruiting followers?! I thought you were just looking for new members for your clan. Will they be numbered S01 through S15? (lol)

Because I would take on a number for you!

Hmm, wait. Goddess, or queen?

I have no problem bowing to a Queen, and paying her fealty. But if I must change belief-systems, then this could be a stickier situation. :|
hahahaha I always have the best time reading your responses keep it up with writing paragraphs my furry friend and make sure to keep on making people happy to read whatever you say!!!!!!!!!!!
deal with it Cool

boi i am s11zilla do not underestimate my powers 


dont piss me off n00b i am awesomeness i will blind you if you mess with this

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(07-02-2016, 06:08 AM)Voakie Wrote: @Garpede u make social network stuff heheheeheh ~runs away~

I love the way you gave her more work to do! This shows good leadership! (lol And I wanna see if @Garpede chases you! Those are alllways fun!)
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
@Voakie @Squirrel
Hehe... Cool

            "Experience has taught me that wishful thinking 
                                 only leads to disappointment."
We should also wait till next week or so when everybody finished school (like me Tongue  )
"Do you want to fly with a dragon?"

"No, I want to be a dragon flying"
Meh, we cant change if others will be active lol
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@TheLastHazR true lol, simply this
Tired of living.
(07-01-2016, 11:58 PM)Slothy Wrote: Hello all of AGF.
Today I have a serious topic. Slowly I, and other members have noticed that are beloved site Agarioforums is dying. 
Now there are ways to stop it.

First off I know people have school, but we can help fill the spots of people who leave.
1. Share this with all of your friends.
2. Have them share it with there friends
3. Rinse and Repeat

If we all go and spread the word we can have more members.

More things to do.
1. Be Active, talk in shoutbox, post threads, reply. 
2. Find friends here (there are alot of nice people)
3. Play AGF its really fun!

Now things the staff can do @Sora @Gandalf @LKD70 @Voakie @Gertude
The staff are great here, and they are busy keep in mind.
1. Plan Special events. I.E Have competitions for best agario picture 
2. Make some social media accounts for the forum I.E twitter @AgarioForums

Lets all work together and help are forums be the best it can be!

Oh wow I made a similar thread called agf is dying a while ago... @Sora changed e name of it cause the thread title was not very friendly. And typing in the chat box won't do anything. I think we should have staff I mentioned this but sora agreed and nothing happened really. I'm not saying I should be staff but people like 101, s11 and craw. Another thing is I suggested we add something to keep the players playing such as a level system like has. @Sora @ThatWomenLKD70 @LKD70 @Voakie

(07-02-2016, 02:41 AM)Sora Wrote: There isn't too much activity in the forums as of yet, but once the new features are implemented (both ingame and in the forums), there's gonna be a lot challenges and things to do causing people to stay. It'll also help with spreading the game and letting others enjoy it more. I'm working on them constantly, sometime at a slower phase, other times at a faster rate. A lot of things have already been finished, and are just waiting to be implemented since i'd like to implement it all as one big update, rather than a lot of small updates.

@Sora not to be a hater but umm... Last like month or so you said you would make a clan war server I haven't been active on agf at all but I'm guessing that's not added in. Also I disagree that people will come back. I think what needs to happen is you, not Voakie or any of the other staff but you should come on to and talk to the members cause I don't know about anyone else but people rarely get to talk to you and it would be nice to have you talking to the members and listening to there problems. also I've recommended this about a thousand times but there should be a level system along with coins and purchasable new skin and you can have your own skin added in if you use a bunch of coins. This will keep people active and keep people playing while giving them a reason to play it would also bring in new members
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@Sora is it really dying
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@Gertude lol I lost it there xD
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