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Agario Voice Chat Rooms
[Image: CropedImage128.gif]

The Legend Mod Scripts, Author: Jimboy3100
Install userscript manage  
For [Image: 02UGURt.png]Chrome get [Image: icon16.png]AgarioScripts or Tampermonkey
For [Image: uaeW214.png]Opera get Tampermonkey
Install the script            
Install any mod you like:  KittyOgarioAgar InfinityAgar toolsLegend, or keep Vanilla.

Click Agario Voice Chat Rooms - GreaseFork or Agario Voice Chat Rooms - GitHub

Works differently for each mod and for Vanilla game
Chat rooms with voice, camera or text
Users of all Mods and Vanilla can communicate servers open per token (Party) or per IP (other modes)
For users of Legend, Kitty, Ogario mods, different servers open if clantag/password exists. If no password, they enter Public
Open Source

[Image: chatscriptchat.jpg] [Image: chatscriptvanilla.jpg]

[Image: chatscriptagartool.png] [Image: chatscriptogario.jpg]  [Image: chatscriptlegend.png]

*Different Mods and Vanilla

[Image: icon16.png]AgarioScripts is a much lighter Script Manager, compatible with all user.js APIs that provides better performace (more FPS), because it doesnt interfere with 3rd party websites. 
Remove Tampermonkey if used. 
AgarioScript can also be used as Script Manager for games like and others.

My Github Library

Also i ask permission to make a Voice Chat Rooms script for games of
This means I need a way to find the ip of each server:

var IP;
var IP2;
var SIP;
var stateObj = { foo: "bar" };    
   var a = WebSocket.prototype.send;
   window.__WS_send = WebSocket.prototype.send, WebSocket.prototype.send = function(b) {
       try {
           var c = /((?:[0-9]{1,3}(?:\.|\-)){1,3}[0-9]{1,3})(?:.*?)?(\:[0-9]{1,5})/,
               d = c.exec(this.url);
           SIP="" + d[1].replace(/-/g, '.') + d[2];
            IP2=d[1].replace(/-/g, '.') + d[2];
       } catch (e) {}
       try {
           a.apply(this, [b]), WebSocket.prototype.send = a
       } catch (e) {
           window.__WS_send.apply(this, [b]), WebSocket.prototype.send = window.__WS_send
Life is a fake matrix and an illusion for existance. Cosmos is the idea for the specific laws of nature.
i dont play agario no more me quit

lol yall hack agario lmao.
   Guys did you know patience brings you good things in life              listen to this.                                  Hey guys! If y'all have any questions for me I will be happy to answer your question contact me.
Sora U need to <3 ur Game becuase it is soooooooooooo gooooooooooooood If uuuuuuuuuuu want to 1v1 Add me _ImDucky_ Tongue Rolleyes

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