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Fancy Nick Name Creator
As an agario private server owner, i recognized that people care of their nick name and decided to build a web site creating fancy nicks just for agario game. 

So here is the fancy nick name creator for agario game:

There are most of the all unicode character set at the right side that you can see them all and also i added most popular characters. You can find some popular symbols at the top menu on the site.
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There is also a lot of other sites that honestly are really useful for this as well.

The main one I use is Its SO NICE

@Craw showed me that one btw
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yeah there is allready a thread like this.
[Image: Cx6kf2m.png]
[Image: Bn0C7b5.png?1]
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Awesome job and thanks Smile
thats awesome ! nice work!
[Image: giphy.gif]
Another one of these - in much better! Well done Big Grin
[Image: Voakie.png]
Whenever I need a fancy names I go to this site:
[Image: A4IOGZS.png]
I always go to for sweet looking names.
[Image: Mikasa_Sig2.png]
I go to Big Grin
[Image: Cx6kf2m.png]
[Image: Bn0C7b5.png?1]
Please join Agario internet server site. It looks fancy game site we want to play it.

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