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#1 Legend Mod Translations:

I am happy to announce you that since today Legend Mod has updated to support Language Packs

Please support by translating Legend Mod to your language
Already reserved languages Arabic, Persian, Greek.

[Image: VXeNZ1Z.png]
copy it on a text and translate it, send it to skype id: jimboy3100

see my example
Life is a fake matrix and an illusion for existance. Cosmos is the idea for the specific laws of nature.
Hello @IamLegend1

It would be great if you can explain what is legend mod made and what does it do?

I really don't know what this is..

Thanks for mentioning it though.
[Image: Robin.png]
@Robin , thanks for your reply.
Legendmod is a chrome/opera agarioscripts/tampermonkey multiscript for It uses platform, and various scripts such as kittymod, efsane tools, autorespawn, old skins by turtle clan, and many scripts... It also has a .js script manager, for users to load userscripts from URL, or just paste the code to the mod.
It is highly used by old players of, youtubers and other modders.

Some Features:

    Auto Updates
    Unlimited FPS unlocked (quicker than Vanilla)
    Old Skins
    Animated Skins
    UserScripts Manager (URL or pasted)
    Direct PARTY / FFA / EXP / TEAM server by using tokens/sips or connector
    Search engine for player name / clan / tag / leaderboard / ip / token
    Integrated Chat, minimap and teamboard. Chat rooms per server/per team password(or public)
    New Templates / skins / animations / zoom / respawn / helpers / hud controls and many extras
    Themes for quite all textures and map (Basic / Menu / Hud / chat / minimap / graphics and cursor)
    60++ Macros / Events / Hotkeys (Script does many calculations)
    Tools for quests / youtubers / timers / coin auto digger/youtube video player
    Send message pictures, videos and also various message commands directly to teammate's script
    Change various textures, add photos on huds and clan's pictures and url links
   Discord webhook handler's for sending IP, and many more...

Other scripts that I made can be found:
Life is a fake matrix and an illusion for existance. Cosmos is the idea for the specific laws of nature.
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