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Let's organize and burn some rubber.
(08-10-2017, 01:44 AM)Squirrel Wrote:  ( Ho it gets hot  Smile )
~snips an image of Hollywood's idea of what should be on a blackboard during any math class, lol~


I stop there you think what there are young people here Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue

So, Equatombe -- I find this latest revelation of yours... a little unsettling!!

Why would you be trying to excite a squirrel, ehhhhHhHH...?!

(And does Demone know about that?!)

Oh, oh! But on to the good stuff.

You were pretty easy here:

To make it simpler, multiply left & right by LCM of the fractions (15):

3x + 5 = 15 ( 4 / 3)    (Isolate x on one side)
     3x = 60 / 3 - 5    (Simplify)
     3x =  20 - 5        (Divide both sides by 3)
       x =  5
I'm crazy so here's the why Wink

And yes demone knew what I wrote Smile

And I am perhaps better in art than in calculation lol Rolleyes
                                                        [Image: Eqatombe1d010.gif]

                                                 thx at @run SPOT run  for this  Sig`s  
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