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A drastic change in the community and its prospects
Throughout the past couple of months, a lot of toxicity has been built up. A bad environment has made people side against each other. Talking bad about each other, cussing severely, hinting disrespectfully about other members, and bullying. This is one of the worst things people can parttake in a community which should be supportive of one another, trustful, and loyal.

A lot of people have been involved in such siding, both unintentionally and intentionally. Its pirimary core has come from Discord, where forum members would encourage/invite other forum members to join groups. Sometimes, certain forum members who would not approve of such behaviour taking place in these groups. These members would then be singled out and attacked by the other members of the group, eventually banned from the discord and bad mouthed.

I am disappointed that only very few members have told me about this ongoing problem, which has taken place for more than just a couple of weeks, building up.
Naturally, the staff team and certain moderating individuals have been inclined to remove certain posts or threads in the forum, which were in obvious terms disrespectful towards another member, or the community as whole. The disrespect, originating from members in Discord bad mouthing, and challenging their position in the forums, knowingly that they would receive less warnings as they challenge the staff team with rulebreaking. As more posts have been removed by staff, some members have built up more anger after these posts have been removed. In a vicious circle, they would post even more provocative posts, which would then again be removed by staff.

One of the theories a very smart member has messaged me about, has been that certain member(s) have purposefully started speaking badly about members of the forums, the forums itself, agf/agma, and me, as the admin. With the intenion of causing disputes between members, spreading toxicity, only to enjoy the entirety of the moment and members conflicting each other.

The staff team, throughout this time, have been mainly silent. While observing and grasping the situation. After an important discussion between staff, we have decided on numerious strict principles to guide the forum through, and follow by. This has been set in order to protect members, continue flourishing a great place, spread positivity and joy between members instead of negativity.

Staff will make a strict decision if they believe the post/shout is provocative or breaks rules. The decision ranges from a warning, to a ban. This will be taken very seriously from now on, and includes everyone.

Finally, I would like to thank most of our members whom are great and loyal members. We have a lot of talented, passionate, and smart members in our community. We've had great friendships evolve. And of course, we've had great players evolve from our AGF duel arena, and more battles to come in the future the upcoming tournament system and clan system to be implemented.
I would like to thank the members who have cast light upon this situation, and contributed to put a final strict stop to it.
I would like to thank our moderating team, and staff for all their dedication to the community and support.

Thank you for reading. Let's unlimit our limits together!
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
I'd like to add that cussing and bad words is discouraged on the forums. Occasionally, a slight minor cuss word can be thrown out there. But any use of offensive cuss words is pointless and negative. There are enough websites on the internet where you can cuss and speak your entire mind. Our community is not one of these places. We want to be a safe place, a secure home for all kinds of members ranging between any ages. We envision a place different from most other places on the web, and we are going to stand strong on this vision. We are confident in our stance, and we are going to be evolving the place to include new features and possibilities.

Some updates include:
-We are planning on finding a way to reward helpful members.
-Member awards are being reinstated
-Members can create groups on the forums. You can invite other members to your group, and you may have your own board on the forums.
-Connecting the game with the forums. Let imagination be the limit.
-Forum design & theme revamp
And many more.

Stay put!
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We, the Staff, will be working hard to guide our members through any suggestions or questions. If you have anything at all you wish to have answered, you may contact any staff member. The staff member will answer your question, or forward your message to the relevant staff member who can answer your question.

Looking forward to a bright future! Big Grin
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All the choices made, no matter if they were positive or negative, all the threads posted here, all the members who joined this place where we all usually meet and have a nice chat, all these points made this forums the way as it is today, and I think it has been a beautiful journey, or am I wrong?
But then we realised, that it's possible to make this place even better : I think that time just began.

We, as a kind, great and helpful community, can make this happen, starting with the staff team.
With a new very helpful member (Congrats @QueenHeather at this point from me aswell) we already made our "first" step into the bright future.

            "Experience has taught me that wishful thinking 
                                 only leads to disappointment."
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Come on guys you can do better.
My video!
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If you need any help, you can write me a message. Click here to write me a message.

Staff Members:

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With all the beautiful supportive members, we shall reign the kingdom of our realms. Great happiness and light has been shown in this page. That's what we want.
Old Toby, it is time to say hello to daylight.
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(05-30-2017, 12:35 AM)Gandalf Wrote: With all the beautiful supportive members, we shall reign the kingdom of our realms. Great happiness and light has been shown in this page. That's what we want.
Old Toby, it is time to say hello to daylight.

I would say you were late to this post, but... I know you arrived precisely when you meant to.
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why did you mod a person that is thhe exact issue you are addressing
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You heard the man.
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(05-30-2017, 03:44 AM)Cen Wrote: why did you mod a person that is thhe exact issue you are addressing

This is the type of negativity that the management is trying to address. If you have any concerns, it would be best to pm @Sora instead of airing your disagreement in public which is not only distasteful, it's childish. This is not the right place on the forum for that.

I have full confidence that the management had checked previous history of post and past accounts. From there made their decision whether a person would be fit for the position or not. We should respect that decision. If there comes a time that there is any error on the part of the mod, then you may call it out and tell the administration. 

At the moment, I do not see any faults in her. I find that she is sound in making decisions and have a good moral compass. @QueenHeather, do not let these comments dissuade you . There will always be detractors no matter what position you are in.
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(05-30-2017, 03:44 AM)Cen Wrote: why did you mod a person that is thhe exact issue you are addressing

I think you're trying to say that Heather is divisive, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Why?! Why open your mouth when you know you're going to be cast aside?

Heather is perfectly reasonable, is nice to everyone, and is willing to see different people's perspectives. I think she is an excellent choice for moderator.

The way I see Sora's message is this:
There is now a line in the sand as to what will be tolerated, and what won't.

No more negativity... and for anyone who doesn't know how to live that way, then this is no longer a good fit for you.

What the?! Did I really just condense someone's post?! Why can't I do that to my own?! (lol)
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