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Attack on Titan - Fans Theory
(06-14-2017, 02:51 AM)newsalert Wrote: I'm going to watch it since you told us that is gore, action, suspense, mystery, and heart at the same time. (BTW, what do you mean by HEART?) Give me atleast a month to finish it and please no spoilers alert. I will give my review after watching the series.

Heart...the feels....tugs on your heart strings sometimes because there are scenes that can get pretty sad or sappy. 

But yes, if you like anime and you like all those things, this maybe for you. Let me know how you like it. I gave the link on this thread if you want to binge watch.
[Image: .eJwNyMENhSAMANBdGACwoIJrOEGDpJqoJbSefv7...OL-AIKx710]
They made a parody video of Season 1. It's hilarious!
[Image: .eJwNyMENhSAMANBdGACwoIJrOEGDpJqoJbSefv7...OL-AIKx710]
Is it a good series?
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(09-02-2017, 06:26 PM)Agrendallan Wrote: Is it a good series?

l love anime. So to me it is very good. Full of action, gore and drama.
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The third season has already been announced for a tentative Spring 2018 release.
I love anime
OMG I haven't been on the forums in foreva.
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You've been gone for to long.

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