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Cool Names!
I tired messy letters out and it was'nt too cool. When you click cool text chrome goes nuts.
[Image: JEL2lIu.jpg]
Thanks for all the info, didn't know about this messletters site, looking forward to using it. Big Grin
[Image: A4IOGZS.png]
Yaaaay i helped Heart
[Image: Cx6kf2m.png]
[Image: Bn0C7b5.png?1]
The only thing I'm still missing now is the tiger-emote, but still a nice website to know! Thanks a lot! Tongue
[Image: Mikasa_Sig2.png]
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(05-26-2016, 02:30 PM)Craw Wrote: Thank u Heart

many people also use this fancy cool text
This something new....

Much better than any other I have seen so far...
[Image: Robin.png]
(05-18-2016, 06:00 PM)Craw Wrote:                          [Image: aMl8pXN.png]
This is how to make cool names!
do you want to be a tripple OG?
whis is how you become a pro in agario.
have a cool name!
here we go.
Cool names on there
[Image: lbH7wWt.png]
Are you not happe with only letters?
do you want symbols?
here you have it!
[Image: yZMBmty.png]
this is awsome for cool clan names!
are you still not happy?
do you want rare letters?
here you go!
[Image: 5EXVs3c.png]
[Image: aMl8pXN.png]

cool this will be usefull
[Image: Shadowxlr.png] Shy
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