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The Best Music

i love when you find good new stuff with under 500 views lol
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(05-31-2017, 03:38 PM)XDoesℱIRE Wrote:

Old but gold

Does that mean you are a dragon fly?
Here's a real nice "I'm sorry" song...

Orjan Nilsen feat. Arielle Maren - Redemption (album mix)


My world’s a stale illusion
No need to fight confusion
When you’re stuck here with me

Reason and rhyme are useless
Our vision is blind and hopeless
When the problem is me

You can try to change me
Erase this memory
But I’m not going anywhere

You can try to mend us
Surrender to the pain
The pain that lingers here

Chorus [
Is there forgiveness
For what I’ve done


2nd Verse: [
Selfish and oh, so foolish
I’ve broken you down, so ruthless
The shame is on me

My actions were cold and heartless
If only this part could hurt less
But you hold the key


[Chorus x2]

[Repeat 2nd Verse]

[Chorus x2]
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!

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