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The Best Music
(05-16-2016, 12:26 AM)run SPOT run Wrote: chill beats for spring

Woah this is cool!!
[Image: A4IOGZS.png]
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Just killed 2 birds with one stone.
One of my favorite songs, also happened to be in a video with my favorite boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali!!
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. 
Song: The XX - intro

[Image: A4IOGZS.png]
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I bought this album at SMILE ( a rave) in 1993...pretty good history for any EDM fan....(reppin minnesota lol)
[Image: giphy.gif]
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~Konoha/ Blud
[Image: faf3eb004900299cc9da5eaf0796b7af1399762333_full.jpg]
!And the monster lived happily after that!
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One of the few ones of this music category that I really like

"Do you want to fly with a dragon?"

"No, I want to be a dragon flying"
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I always get hyped and pumped before my races when I listen to this song.

My favorite verses:
I never fear death or dyin'
I only fear never tryn'
[Image: A4IOGZS.png]
DatPhoria - Sin Ti
(Sorry if the falshes are annoying)

~Konoha/ Blud
[Image: faf3eb004900299cc9da5eaf0796b7af1399762333_full.jpg]
!And the monster lived happily after that!
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[Image: Cx6kf2m.png]
[Image: Bn0C7b5.png?1]
Music is intensely personal, and covers basically every situation and every emotion.

Some songs can be interpreted multiple ways by various people, and are just as important to certain ways of thinking as the next, despite the overall interpretation being wildly different.

To me, the #1 rule for music, is never to diss someone else's choice of music that means something to them.

That said, I think just about everyone has one categorization of music, that they'd say they just can't stand.

I'm not going to share a tune, but rather the opening set of lyrics as sort of an introduction to "Hold On" (by an old band named Triumph that few or perhaps none of you have ever heard of):

"Music holds the secret
To know it can make you whole
It's not just a game of notes
It's the sounds inside your soul

Magic of the melody
Runs through you like a stream
The notes that play flow through your head
Like a dream, like a dream"

Each to their own, in this medium, but I bet that very few people can say that no music affects them profoundly.
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
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It's dutch rap. So you wont understand what he's saying Tongue
Tired of living.

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