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serious tech
(05-19-2017, 07:59 AM)Squirrel Wrote: LOL!

Don't Americans play snooker?

I guess it is British. I haven't played in many years, and was never that good... but yeah, it's billiards/pool.. on some crack, with a far larger table... and the term basically means, "There's no shot worth playing. Whatever you do, you're ^%#@$'d" (lol)

~is not expecting any gals to volunteer~

And no, not at all derogatory. ~grin~

I have a co-worker who keeps going on that his "dream job", which would be oil-boy for the "Swedish Bikini Team", which will never exist -- the poor bastich. This, I guess, was my derivative of that... and you shot me down, and made me wanna dump the whole idea! (lol!)

Your co-worker shouldn’t give up on his dreams. There are hands-on jobs like that during model shoots on the beach. Of course, it’s usually employed by woman.

I’ve seen "Dream Job" stories on TMZ:
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