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Solo records on AGF
(02-04-2017, 08:25 AM)✨101✨ Wrote: My best solos are: 100k,96k,and 93k (I have many in the 80s and 70s)

I haven't been getting in the 90s recently, until today.

Today I got 90k!! (it says 85k, but check daily lb, final mass was 90k)

[Image: oZqBQCb.png] 
lol it cut off the 2 S's at the end of my name lol

Here's the pic:
[Image: EVAvARQ.png]

I used a new name, 'Savage x Ruthless'

I'm pretty sure everyone on the ffa was thinking i'm a douche for not letting anyone spawn.

k bye

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