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Mods Which Will Make You Win Easily
Please, ladies, gentlemen and mixters, allow me a moment of lucidity in all of this.
I personally encourage you, man/woman/other, to avoid using ways to cheat the game. I also encourage you to stop cheating in any game. I must admit that I am greatly disappointed to be surprised that winning the game now is so important that it must be ruined to be achieved. I believe you all know how someone feels when he is in a situation where nothing could be more unjust. With these so called hacks, you are ruining a fun experience for everyone and because of people like you, who resort to cheating instead of legit gameplay, games of this generation are becoming more and more restrictive and less open to more legit and creative mods which would enhance upon the original gameplay.

Did you know? The conflicts which lead to wars in antiquity were about thieves too lazy to get food and resources legitimately. The first militias and armies were created to fight these cheaters. In our civilized world, rules are in place to prohibit and prevent most manners that would allow one to cheat their way through society and while those rules aren't perfect, I think we managed to evolve to point in which we all agree that doing things unfairly is bad and socially unacceptable. Why do I have to tell you this in 2015?

It's not because it's a game that suddenly cheating is less wrong. One could argue that stealing money from honest people in real life and installing hacks on a video game are not the same kind of unfair work and do not have the same impact upon society and its diverse communities. But both are wrong nonetheless! Sure, one is an illegal offense and may literally ruin people while in the other there is generally no permanent negative consequences. However, both make people unhappy and that's why each time you'll do one or another, you'll make people unhappy.

I believe that you dislike to be unhappy and have your fun ruined and I believe that you can come to reason and stop this nonsense. Cheating is a vicious circle. Let's get back to history. Guess what happened when the thieves were fought off by the first militias? They made their own, better, bigger armies which caused much more destruction than the militias. Since then, armies have ever evolved to illegitimately solve this and other kind of disputes since they could not take a no. And it's not just that, every aspect of life has that.

Corruption, fraud, stealing, money laundering, steroids, drugs, rigged elections, etc, they're all forms of cheating. When we happen to catch a fraudster and put him in jail, he'll eventually resume criminal activities with better, harder to detect strategies and methods once he gets free instead of doing honest work. Same thing in video games, at first it's an innocent glitch being exploited by a little group of idiots and then it evolves into a kind of game where the one who has the better hacks wins. Agario is becoming one of them Hack-to-Win games because people abuse of its many vulnerabilities and it really makes me sad. Not just me, probably others who loved agario and stopped playing because of players like you, a hypocrite who will cry like mad when eaten but will be the first to cheat to have his or her silly "revenge".

Cheating in games do wrong just as in real life and you now know that cheating was the source of many wars. As said before, there are different kinds of cheating which all do have a different impact upon people and while cheating in video games doesn't generally cause permanent consequences, it will still make unhappy victims. Now I would like you to think about a related matter of the future. As you may have noticed, rules in video game communities are more and more strict to prevent cheating, as a consequence games released without mod support are rising exponentially and you may even get banned for enjoying a silly mod in some of those. Will we see a future without mods as we used to know them?
(08-23-2015, 11:49 PM)Sora Wrote: It's russian style, entertains the western globe, irritates the southern coast, and kills the forums boring vibe of roalty and elegancy. (Where respectable users must write perfect to apprehend/maintain reputation) Welcome to 2015, where insanity is reality. (And reality is insanity)

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Well said! This is a very important matter in that should be taken very seriously.
(10-22-2015, 08:49 PM)SPAM000 Wrote: I personally encourage you, man/woman/other, to avoid using ways to cheat the game. I also encourage you to stop cheating in any game.

I read a post where you encouraged someone to read your original post. Gauging by the # of likes your post received, it looks to be underread.

Congratulations for an amazing post! It read like a mini-history lesson as well. Smile

Yes, cheating occurs at different levels in the game.

Firstly, I wouldn't trust a 'hack', because it's so easy to add in some stuff that would allow the machine it's on to then be controlled (ie: part of a bot-net).

Then there's the loss of a sense of accomplishment, which comes at a personal level.

And then there's game-impacting cheats, such as the bot that was fed the co-ordinates of a specific player, and it would constantly spawn tiny feeder balls that would move towards the target. (Although, I must say, I enjoyed following those said balls to the target, and repeatedly blowing it up. heh)

You can have server-level cheats as well -- I believe those are OK. Everyone involved knows beforehand that they are there, and they can choose to play or not play.

~Squirrel reminisces~
Once upon a long ago, I was taking care of a game on a multi-player platform. I was making modfifications to the game to keep it fresh and new for a business. And to assist me in my work, I had a number of secret routines in play, that allowed me to 'cheat', which I used to debug my junk quicker. I could create items, rooms, hallways, instantly move people, create bad guys, and so on. They were accessible only to an account that was flagged as an 'admin'. But some of those who worked for the business then used those to cheat on a personal level. The members caught wind of it, and (rightly so), there was a huge uproar. Following that, I left the routines there, but everytime such a command was used, it was announced in-game, and anyone could look at a log of every last edit that was used.

There is one case, I can think of though, where 'cheating' actually had some advantages. Hear me out...(lol) These were single-player games played on a personal computer, so no-one else was affected. And I would get the game to stop, and examine the memory where the game was loaded, and change certain values, or remove certain routines that enabled me to cheat at the game. I was horrible at these games, so it allowed me to progress more than I would have before. But the end-benefit? Thanks to my cheating, I'd learned machine language. I used that on several platforms, including a mini computer, which gave me a very fine appreciation of how much work goes on in your computer.

But again, thanks for your post, and my main reason for posting, is to maybe get some others to see your message again! (You may be inactive now -- a shame... but my thanks for what you did contribute!)
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(10-22-2015, 08:49 PM)SPAM000 Wrote: ... to avoid using ways to cheat the game. I also encourage you to stop cheating in any game.
... With these so called hacks, you are ruining a fun experience for everyone
... Cheating in games do wrong just as in real life and you now know that cheating was the source of many wars. 

Congratluation ... one of the best posts I ever read, with so much truth in it, I play also an other game for years now (at the very TOP) and I can tell you with 100% truth ...

- players (not all) SEARCH for cheats and shortcuts to get huge advantages over fair playing players

- the game admins cannot do anything, they can ban here and there an account, but once banned 2 new cheated accounts appear, mostly from same cheaters, thats an endless story

- you cant even imagine HOW MUCH they cheat and with so dirty methodes, from little cheats (speed boost) to game-server hacking directly and all for FREE game stuff, worst case I ever saw, created a new NOT existing weapon, which even the developers didn't know about

- there are players, who make MONEY (around 200 - 300 $ a month or even more) with cheating games and change items via In-Real-Life-Deals (which are allowed in same games) = items for real money or items for items from other games (some mincreaft servers allow this)

- the cheaters go every possible way to cheat and attack the honest players (special the best cos they are greatest competitor for them)

- here are the worst case I ever experienced ...

The clear cheaters (a group which cheat the hell out of minecraft servers), stayed Top (but NOT Top1) with cheating, developers / admins did nothing about. The cheater group planned to accuse the honest Top1 player, who invested a lot real money, with FAKED evidence  Exclamation
This honest player got a ban ... the cheater group continued to cheat and were from that point away Top1 - 5  Exclamation
This honest player got real prove that the faked evidence is faked, cos of the knowledge about drawing programs.
The owner of the this minecraft server, saw it also, and the honest player got unbanned immediatly and the ONE player, who reported with the faked evidence, of the GROUP got banned lifetime  Exclamation

This honest player (who invested a lot of real money) HAD TO FIGHT for WEEKS for an unban of the totally 
unfair and unjustified caused by false accusations ban, because of these cheaters  Exclamation

Moral of this case ...

- the cheater group still cheat the hell out of these minecraft servers (to easy to make new IP via VPN and to avoid any bans)

Moral about cheating ...

- its a shame nowadays how players (kids and adults the same way) cheat games (in extremly ways, which most even cannot imagine)

- never invest real money if you are not 100% sure it doesnt matter for you and you dont have to care about your money

- the cheaters can never be really proud of all their achievements, BUT the fact is they dont care about and even brag with their cheating even in the game forums and admins / developers (have to) tolerate it

... its a real shame  Exclamation

[Image: 0RSYTXe.jpg]

Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else Exclamation
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This is such an old post LOL
(10-07-2019, 01:37 AM)Apix Wrote: This is such an old post LOL

But no less relevant or true!

(And any time an old Spam000 post get's unearthed, I count that as a good thing! Even the ones where he was trying to '$[email protected] 31ite', are so amusing!)
Fight the Good Fight
(Listen with lyrics here!)
Make it worth the price we pay!
All your life you've been waiting for your chance,
Pray you'll fit into the Plan.
But you're the master of your own destiny,
So give and take the best that you can!
Damn if someone was cheating I would tell the administrator about it and talk serious about this.
   Guys did you know patience brings you good things in life              listen to this.                                  Hey guys! If y'all have any questions for me I will be happy to answer your question contact me.

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