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(04-17-2016, 01:41 PM)Spectrumss Wrote:
Hello AGF'ers!
Today, I am proud to announce the release of 70 Clan's Official Website and Clan!

70 Clan has been a clan for quite some time now, but has never really had much going on or many active members. So @LKD70  and @Spectrumss (me) decided to bring life back to it. We have worked on the forum for the past few hours, turning it into a much more user friendly forum which will hopefully be inhabited by some of the lovely users here!

Here are some reasons why you should join 70 above all other clans!

- Why 70?
Why not? What is there to lose? At 70, we strive to create an active clanbase where there is always someone on to talk to or play with! If you join 70, you help not only yourself by surrounding yourself with friendly people, but you also help us out, bringing us closer to our goal!
- I don't team, I only play Solo (or vice versa)!
 Don't worry! Here at 70, we don't focus on what play style you have or how good you are, we focus on you as a person. We are just here to have fun! So if your solo, you can still join and if you team, you can join! 

- I don't want to leave my clan but I wan't to be at 70 as well!
 Again, no problem! We don't mind if you double clan as long as you are active and play with the clan often! As long as your current clan is cool with you double clanning, your welcome! If you don't want to join, you can still be a part of the growing community.

I hope these points cleared up any questions! If you have anymore questions, reply!

sounds delightful hope to see 70 members on!
[img][Image: deadpool4_zps4565c4ee.gif][/img]

thank you
the link it doesnt work ..
[Image: A4IOGZS.png]

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