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(05-08-2017, 02:41 AM)Demon King Wrote: except you haven't said anything about me getting insulted or talked down upon... so no I do not believe it would apply to both genders because of the way I've seen it happen before I get in a fight with a girl and later I'm yelled at but they get nothing said to them so why should I believe that it change here? and it doesn't matter how many men are on here everyone should be treated equal that's what a fucking feminist is and that's what I believe should happen so I do not believe that a rule should protect only those without "sausages" but everyone and if you see someone getting attacked or insulted you should stick up for them not just attack the male

I did not see that happen...? That's what I've said to you all along.

Trust me, if I saw it happen, I would have come to your defense as well, cause I like you.

And I guess that in the past, never having seen it myself, I didn't think that person was capable of being mean, or goading attacks... but I've heard Solo talking about it, as he describes it, "baiting". (Saying something that mayyybe fits within the scope of "the rules", but is intended to poke fun at the target, bother/annoy/hurt them... and should thus also be wrong.

I'm not a moderator -- it would be their job to try and make sense of what happened, and act accordingly.

But, when I see someone I like wronged openly, yes, I have feelings, I may get mad, and I'll speak out.

I'm not sure it even matters how much I happen to like the victim... I know how these communities work, and things can get out of hand any time there's just a lot of negativity floating around. In the end, it's the whole community that pays the price. So really, it's beneficial to counter attacks/negativity as soon as you see them... any way that you can.
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