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Last Post Wins
(04-07-2016, 08:19 PM)ℱIRE Wrote: Do I win now?

nope Wink
Gandalf finishes last.
-Saruman," I said, standing away from him, "only one hand at a time can weild the One, and you know that well, so do get on top and jerk it till something creamy 
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I'm sorry, was I late?
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I was later

Fear not, for I am...
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Gandalf The White
oh I see....wasn't I supposed to be last though? I'm pretty sure I read something about having to have the final word in a conversation as being a pathological problem. This problem may, or may not be something that I suffer from, but would be glad to talk about it at some length with no obvious resolution. the gloves are off and the game is afoot....carry on.
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I WIN Cool
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(04-07-2016, 08:15 PM)Spectrumss Wrote:
(04-07-2016, 07:51 PM)Yoda Wrote:
(04-07-2016, 07:44 PM)Sinister Wrote: this is just a spam thread, post farming loll

be that as it may, stop being so rude

not post again you must for I win I will.

If someone wants to win so badly... just post, then ask it to delete your acct! As far as you're concerned, that means you won... right?
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!

(your not bitchez ily)
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Hi mom. Can i get my win now?
they call me The Last Person. i win
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