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a few skins I've made
(08-16-2016, 07:35 AM)Storm網 Wrote: That last skin looks so good. Mind if I use it for something?
go right ahead! any of the skins i've made are free for anyone to use. several are already used on agf and other platforms. that ones brand new, so you'll be the first!
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]
new reveal skins. color changes in select areas
[Image: veritech.png]
with a background theres added color like this
[Image: 281689a2fe1f4d9584ff403a114abecf.png]
or the more subtle version
[Image: veritech2.png]
with color
[Image: 9b4ce0cc3c9b4bb69b26299a66653a43.png]
[Image: 7c5559979b4a4653abd46675a3dc31df.png]
you get the idea

then theres this one I hope to see in the server soon
[Image: agf1_by_runspotrun13-dahcuqy.png]
with color
[Image: 19e84b2d49614c37ad1d680a3365ad57.png]
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]
These looks awesome! Nice Spot Big Grin

messin around
[Image: dream_by_runspotrun13-dahckh4.png]
with color
[Image: d0b29b9f446c4dab9092a68e341771d3.png]
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]
improved the one above
[Image: agf2_by_runspotrun13-dahlbp3.png]
here's with color
[Image: 552c515d1fa54ee09fe209d41a0080ba.png]
[Image: 5f1eca1f30114ceab98be34a56138dcb.png]
[Image: agf2_purple.png]

here's a smiley one
[Image: smile.png]
with color
[Image: 918eeac002084ebe98f8c4ef6c65b70c.png]
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]
Nice skins!
[Image: enAWQVn.jpg]

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  • run SPOT run
for my upcoming 1 year anniversary on AGF  Tongue
[Image: aniversary.png]
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]
(09-20-2016, 05:21 AM)run SPOT run Wrote: for my upcoming 1 year anniversary on AGF  Tongue
[Image: aniversary.png]

^Sora's selfie. Doxxed
If you travelled to the past, you'd be afraid of making drastic changes to the present. However, nobody in the present is afraid of making drastic changes to the future.
even though this was for someone else, I like the look....from scratch, and a lil different from the norm
[Image: wap3_by_runspotrun13-daigs5w.png]
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]
here come some darker sci-fi skins

[Image: blue.png]
[Image: chopshop.png]
[Image: harambot.png]
[Image: hr_G.png]
[Image: lethal.png]
[Image: silence.png]
[Image: angry_uf__sans_by_tabe103-da2q7u9.gif]

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