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[no life] NOW RECRUITING!!
(01-14-2020, 02:26 PM)βᗩя◉η Wrote:
(01-14-2020, 09:57 AM)samira Wrote: No life apparently is no longer active.

Well that's no fun.  Why is the post marked as important?  Any other forums with a more active clan base?

Thanks for the response, however.

Recently it has been harder and harder to gauge the activity of clans.

Since we don't really try to keep track of them, but just offer this as one free way of finding some people who would be interested in joining, it's just too hard to gauge which clans mentioned here are still valid and operating.

You might want to check the Agma Discord server, if you are looking for an clan. But if you're looking for a straight clan, that is a tougher bill.

And to reaffirm, this clan has not been active in more than two years!  I hope that it's pre-eminent leader, '@✨101✨ ', managed his goal of getting to this summers Summer Olympics, swimming for Team USA! Alas, I know of no-one who is still in contact with him.
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I know a couple of Agar clans. I’ll send you a PM.

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