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[no life] NOW RECRUITING!!
Hey 101, I'm Storm from Discord. I might be able to make a skin for "No Life" clan. If so, Message me on discord
Build a bridge and get over it!
i would like to join the clan can anyone tryout me ?
Smile hey man i need  a clan can someone hook me up thx no life NOW RECRUITING
can i join your clan i used to play with my teammate all the time but he quit agario now i cant find a person that enjoys agario as much as me
Big Grin Big Grin I would like to join this clan, I'm level 70, I have no life. Is this like a resume haha I'm an excellent team players
Hey guys, i am applying for your clan. Right now as i post this my isn`t working due to my drivers on my computer being outdated. Anyway i want to join your clan because i see its not too big and its where i think i belong. I want to PM the leader/co-leader to arrange whether i can join this is why i am not putting any type of information of my skills. Thanks and if i joined my tag would be [No Life] Skillz_ if it would fit if not i would find a new one! Thanks for reading my thread

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