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《ΔžŁ》 Clan Recruitment!
Age:14 Skill (0-10):8
Teaming Skill (0-10, includes Tricksplitting, etc):8-9 Level:19 (but im good and it's a new account and i am so close to level 20)
How Active Are You? (0-10):9
Other // I would like to join because i have been in a clan before but the clan went down so i want to team with good people instead of going solo(I also have a youtube so you can see if i'm up to your standards//
Skype: iMageDesigns
Name: 《ΔžŁ》 ιMαgε 象假
Age: 15 Skill (0-10): 9
Teaming Skill (0-10, includes Tricksplitting, etc): 9 ( I used to be really good but I stopped playing for a while...:c) Level: 69 :3
How Active Are You? (0-10): 7.5
Other (Why you want to join or etc): I want to remember the old good days...
p.s. I can record some gameplays too! Big Grin

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