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《ΔžŁ》 Clan Recruitment!
Name (The name you'd like to go by): I'd like to go by the name KingTube.
Age:13 Skill (0-10): I'm not the best, but I am improving. I'm giving it a 5/10.
Teaming Skill (0-10, includes Tricksplitting, etc): Hmm, I haven't really done a lot of these teaming tricks, but I have once done a tricksplit. My teaming rating is also 5/10. Level:35.
How Active Are You? (0-10): I should be online 1 hour per day, but sometimes I don't have time. I may be more than 1 hour though.
Other (Why you want to join or etc): I really enjoy playing, and I'd really want to expand my experience by becoming a clan member. I'll say 8/10.

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