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I'm Rastagarian.  I started playing agario a month ago and I've gotten pretty good.  I've just been "an unnamed cell"  but I recently started calling myself Rastagarian.  I want to start teaming with players who will be loyal and not stab you in the back!  I also have ideas and questions about the game regarding strategy and other things.  For example, I don't know about private servers.  I just play at   I refresh the screen if I want to go to a different game with a different set of players.  So that's something to learn about.

Attached is a screenshot of a very, very lucky game when I got #1 w/o teaming.  (18,741 mass ) There were lots of bots though.  I've had some success with spontaneous teaming, but I've had some bad experiences with "team" deceivers and double crossers too.  Oh well, I guess it's part of the game that must be accepted.  But I would never play that way myself.

BTW, my time zone is Central Standard Time in the US.

Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to the forum.   I'll check back this evening.  Going roller skating!

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