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Agario Forum News #1
Were you waiting for this so long? Well, finally, today, December 43rd, 2019, I am proud to present you AGF NEWS #1! XD  I have a lot for you guys. Forum News, World News, Jokes, Giveaways, Contests, and more!!!!

Forum News: If you haven’t noticed, AGF News #1 is out! Smile
               #KARLAEXPOSED! Read about it here!

What is happening now: A help page is being worked on. The help page will be a thread with everything you might need help on, for example changing avatars, have a bio, change custom title, how to get a colored name, and more! So this will be a thread with everything together.

Everything is going good on the forum, more members, members gettings new colors.

JOIN this AGF Server on Discord!

I have an idea for Member of the Week. Ill share it soon!

Special Interview with Sora!!!!

  • Why did you make this forum?
Sora:  I have a lot to say. But i'll summarize. It started due to a long-term vision of bringing people closer together, and making them happy. In a way which will make people feel the social setting, but also feel safe and "home". A place they can visit and meet friends which usually aren't accessable the normal way, or the way which everyone else usually does it. A unique place to share thoughts, express opinions, meet friends, create challenges, and play together.
We've seen how the forums have created long term friendships.
  • Do you have any other interesting hobbies?
 Sora: Just like everyone does! You share yours, I'll share mine?
  • Is there anything special that you are working on?
Sora:   Yes, something specifically for the forum community [Image: A1t6tvxfxIte7Bwr4yJieGCKHSVtf8j3J7wSmJxz...MiF2zaALEW]

Vote: Swag Ratings 2016 or Hall of Fame? Pick here (info included)


World News:

Missing Woman
A new magician known as Erasmus the Great, chose from the crowd, a 74 year old woman. He put the woman in a container, and then put on a blanket. Then, when he said some words and moved the blanket, she was gone. Then, he tried to return her. He put on the blanket and said some words. When he took the blanket, the grandmother wasn't there! When the relatives saw that something was wrong, they started to scream! The police searched the whole building, but didn't find the woman. The magician said: “I don’t get it… there’s a trap door, it’s mechanical, she can’t disappear for real” says the performer, clearly in a state of shock. “My stage assistants say she never came out on the other side, but that’s impossible! It’s like she just vanished!” (Might be a fake site, sorry.)

Blind guy spears a person to death.
So Rio | Egyptian blind Paralympic athlete, Mohammed Kabir Hussein, accidentally speared a spectator to his death during the javelin-throwing competition, reports the Jornal do Rio. (Might be a fake sight, sorry, but still interesting right?)
Jokes: What's the difference between a guitar and a fish?" A: "You can't tuna fish."

Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with a dark horse? A: Kitty Perry

Lady sits down on a train. Man sitting next to her turns to her and says, “Lady, that is the ugliest baby I have ever seen. That baby looks in a mirror, it’s going to shatter. You oughta put a bag on that baby’s head. That baby is just ugly.”
The woman, horrified, stands up and shouts for the conductor. “Conductor, this man has insulted me.”
“I’m so sorry, ma’am,” the conductor replies. “What he did is totally unacceptable on this train. I will deal with him later, but for now, please come with me. We’ll give you a nice seat in the first-class carriage — and a banana for your monkey.”

Why did Tigger stick his head in the toilet? He was looking for Pooh!

Guy with a lady sit in a restaurant. The lady spills ketchup and yells: Oh, I look like a pig! Then the guy starts laughing. He says: And you also spilled ketchup!”

“Mama, why do people in our family die so fast? Mama? Mama!!!”

I dreamt I was forced to eat a giant marshmallow. When I woke up, my pillow was gone.

Q. Why do the French like to eat snails so much?

A. They can’t stand fast food.

Daddy did you know that girls are smarter than boys?
No, I didn’t know that.
There you go.

I’ve always thought my neighbors were quite nice people. But then they put a password on their Wi-Fi Sad

Got more jokes? PM me!
Giveaways: Here, enter and try to win 90$ google play card! Not all of the money goes to one winner, there are more than 2 winners.
Wanna win a gift card? Watch this video and try to enter!

Contests: Anyone have a contest? PM me and this News thread will be updated with your contest. @Sora what about Battle of the Sexes XD
Cool games: Try,, You can also create games on Sploder and play other people’s games(Just put platforms and graphics, there is a physics creator, arcade creator, even platformer creator!)
Cool songs:
How is your day? Share your good thing! Also if you have a fact, post it and you will get a like! 

Did you know?: Temperature can affect appetite. A cold person is likely to eat more food. 
Your left lung is smaller than the right to make room for your heart.
Search up 'Zerg Rush' on the internet and see what will happen! 

Ok, this is it! 

I will really try to make the next one better! Pls rate this thread(At the top of the thread, there are stars 1-5, rate pls!) Hope you all enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
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I already wanna read the next one! Seriously, I didn't expect the news to be so interesting.
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Lol sora is so cryptic with everything

"Sora, are you a female or male?" "That's a good question. You'll find out soon"
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anyone join the discord server?
My video!
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If you need any help, you can write me a message. Click here to write me a message.

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Special interview with Sora... where is the Sora face reveal?! I need that picture, I can sell it on the black market and make big bucks. $$$$$$

Great news! Can't wait for the next one.
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lol @ jokes Great job dude! There a lot of stuff to read so I didn't go into depth yet but had me laughing. I'm going back to it.

I think the news page was a good edition. So is Sora Male or female? maybe our forum news guy will find out by the next issue Big Grin
Bullies have personal issues.
(01-24-2017, 09:47 PM)Cuntnugget Wrote: Lol sora is so cryptic with everything

"Sora, are you a female or male?" "That's a good question. You'll find out soon"

When I asked he said "Relax thinks this is a dating site".

Wtf lmao.

Also rip Karla
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(01-24-2017, 09:47 PM)Cuntnugget Wrote: Lol sora is so cryptic with everything

"Sora, are you a female or male?" "That's a good question. You'll find out soon"

@Cuntnugget = @Sora confirmed  Exclamation


... and thanks for that amazing news, December 43rd ... must be long months in 2019  Exclamation

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Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else Exclamation
Is @Gandalf @Sora's alt account? Find out next time...
Have A Nice Day! d(・ω・)b

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Wow, this is really cool. cant wait for the next one!
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