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What's the last thing you put in your mouth? (Forum game)
(01-15-2017, 12:18 AM)Storm網 Wrote: Last thing I had in my mouth was some Chips and beans with Fish fingers
Mhmmmm so delicious Big Grin
Shhh don't tell Squirrel but I'm going to copy the way he writes stuff

~Fish fingers were nice, Could have used some Squirrel fingers instead~ I mean Chicken Fingers

-My bad-

~~But the Chips and beans was sooooooo delicious~~


~hops over Storm, looking at him inquisitively and cautiously~

~hops onto the table to see what he has there~

~puts his witto paws in the thing of fish fingers, scratches away as if to dig up something, but sees no fingers~

~hops away again, convinced Storm takes powerful medications~

The last thing in my mouth.... pizzzaaaaaaa.... jalapenos, sausage, bacon. MmmMMmMmM.
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Chocolate donut Big Grin

I'm probably gonna keep updating you all on what was last in my mouth lmao
So the last thing that went into my mouth today was legit nothing
Starving to death but I don't want to go out to asda or tescos in the snow.

~Brrrr, It's sooo cold~

Oh a wild squirrel appeared

Storm ~Can you get me something that will heat me up?~

Wild Squirrel ~I'll wrap myself around you to make you feel warm~

Now I shall give you a reward Big Grin Guess what it is

~Almond Nuts and Peanuts and all the other 9348753 types of nuts there are in the world~
Thanks for the 192837 types of nuts
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My fingernail...I only bite my nails when I'm stressed Confused

Somewhere there's a rainbow I plan to fly over  Big Grin  

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