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Whole House Water Filters Are Economical
Something else that's commonly forgotten is taps and plugs which can cause a flood if left leaking which is another common reason people end up using their home insurance as well as  Smart Solar Box being an expensive waste of water. Make sure that all taps and shower heads are turned completely off and take the plugs out of the sink just in case. If your taps continue to drip despite your best efforts then it is likely that you need to change the washers so make sure you check for leaks before you set off. Alternatively you can cut off the water supply at the stop cock.You should also ensure to turn off any heating and make sure that none is set to come on automatically.

One thing you may wish to leave on however is an auto-timed system for your lights which can come on in the evenings to create the impression of a full house and prevent burglaries and theft in your absence. Failing this it may be a good idea to arrange for a friend or neighbour to do something similar as the house will otherwise be advertising itself as unoccupied. A neighbour can also come round to move any build up of post which is also a giveaway. Similarly you should make sure that all windows and doors are locked properly with the keys so that they won't open by being pushed. Make sure you remember to check even small windows that are high up - if someone's desperate enough to get in then any opening becomes a door.With all this in place you will hopefully come home to a house that's just the way you left it feeling fresh and relaxed and with no reason to claim on home insurance.

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