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Relax, don't have a cow.
not a shrimp
TBH I can't figure out either but I do have question that, is that suppose to be riddle or something else?
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It's an anus guys

F you squirrel
(12-31-2016, 12:41 AM)Cuntnugget Wrote: It's an anus guys

F you squirrel

LOL i was gonna say in the beginning but I know squirrel won't post anything like that. You literally read my mind  Big Grin
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I'm lost... what was the ruling on satire?
Wee Willy Winky runs through the town.
Upstairs downstairs, in his nightgown.
Rapping at the windows, crying through the lock.
Are all the children in their beds? For now it's eight o'clock.
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(12-31-2016, 12:41 AM)Cuntnugget Wrote: It's an anus guys

F you squirrel

My apologies to everyone who read this thread.

I made a sublime and direct attack on Relax, in essentially the same sort of fashion that he made an attack on someone I like a whole lot better than him.

In this case, decisions have been made that did not assuage my anger, and it boiled over just enough to use my own potential treachery (I have a saying, "If you can't find anything wrong with someone, you don't know them well enough.") to attack the attacker (in my point of view), in kind.

As I said previously. "@sshole mode" is completed, and I should be fine again.

But I do have the ability (as most of us do) to get really angry, and Relax managed it. (I wanted him to know that his [email protected] had been recognized, targetted, and returned in kind. Also, I was hoping to accentuate how this sort of behaviour is not 'okay', even if it doesn't obviously break any rules.)

The Cliquey "inside joke" humour (saying/doing things that you know will hurt a party that you're in a dispute with, and knowing that your peers will recognize the barb, and chortle gleefully right along with you, much to the other side's chagrin) that travels in highschools, should not be okay, or encouraged, in a public forum. I'm glad to be out of highschool, and will not go back to one (unless they pay me). But I'm apparently not beyond trying to hurt someone, in a stupid attempt to show them they themselves were being hurtful.

I'm sorry that, for the benefit of my strategy, the message had to be public.
Fight the Good Fight
Make it worth the price we pay!
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isnt that an asshole, or are you making a bubble with a donut
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I know what it is, it's za stones in za penis
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