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REACTION'S Swag Rating of 2016
Ha, I know who's going to win the swag award

It's not Voakie
It's not Mikasa
It's not Relax

"Do you want to fly with a dragon?"

"No, I want to be a dragon flying"
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I'm very saddened to see many of these messages, where a perhaps well-meaning 'award' turned into part of a set of drama that no-one should have wanted to see, and that it would have been far better to THINK, before posting.

Those who posted, or liked @Relax 's initial message, the way I see it, are just as guilty as Relax himself.

I don't see why all of us can't get along, and if this is all because of the "Battle of the Sexes", then I would suggest that a number of people are not mature enough to be playing that, and we should simply get rid of the game, and hopefully let things cool down.

I don't want this to turn into a monster post, because I would hope that everyone actually reads it.

As a part of the community, I deem myself to have certain (albeit very small) 'responsibilities'.

Following the rules is one.
If it is not against the rules, expressly, to poke fun at a person to the point where you KNOW they will be angry, then I say instead, it is a common-sense violation.

If anyone thought, honestly, that @Supergirl would not be annoyed by the comment about a sandwich, perhaps you need to re-examine the posts. If you still honestly believe "no harm" was done or intended, then I think, by my opinion, you are lacking in an important social skill.

To not only mistake that, and to go forward and suggest a reward for what should have been avoided, just exacerbates the situation.

Everyone, I believe, has a moral responsibility to not attack, or be seen as supporting an attack on a user. ANY user.

If I were a moderator, which I am not, I would feel required to discipline the start (Hazr?), and those who carried that to this thread, whether you claim it to be 'in fun' or not; if you cannot recognize that a user who is the brunt of your 'fun' would be quite angered, then I question whether or not you should really be here.

That said, I do not want to see a bleeding of users, and would hope, if Supergirl is okay with it, to discipline the person who started it, and make sure those others who brought that disrespect to this thread, and those who supported it, just understand their moral responsibility here to a Moderator/etc., and hopefully we can let this be a lesson for those who took part, or could be seen to take part.

You do not build cameraderie by liking an inflammatory post. Now, perhaps the message could have been editted, and so on, so perhaps this gets necessarily more complex than it appears. Perhaps those who placed "likes" in certain messages can rethink whether they are truely supportive of the whole message they liked, and reconsider.

If everyone had just used a bit of common sense, and understood the attack, and how it would be received, this never had to happen.

This place is for fun, not this [email protected]

And while I have't seen a great deal of this, I also recognize a bunch of you are younger and subject to this in schools, and should be able to understand why we don't want it here, and why it can harm a community as a while: clique building. I know I did not "fit in" with any clique in my HS days. I suspect quite a few more of you would agree.

Two pointed remarks: HazR, if you started this... as much as I enjoy talking to you when you're sentient, I still don't think this community should have to put up with such things, and you have demonstrated a level of intellect sufficient to be able to refrain from these situations. You may be in a "bad boy" phase, but this is not the place to show it, and if you can't respect that, then you should at least grant the community some peace and quiet, and leave.

Relax, you're generally a decent person, but you have some rough edges, which I expect to find in a younger guy. I hope that you could agree that you knew your post was inflammatory, and you knew the target of this [email protected] would be angered. I dunno what I would do with you, if it were my job, but you'd at least take a vacation to consider the unnecessary vitriol you caused.

I really hope this can be a 'learning experience', but I'd say that rests largely with Supergirl, and what she can forgive. Hopefully everyone will work together to smooth things over, remember this, and next time, be more considerate, before posting a message that you know full well will be seen as partaking in a personal attack.
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what is dis
I feel offended because I was said few times that I can't count. And boys can't overall.
Isn't this sexism?  Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation  (<--- guess whose favourite icon is this Wink)

I'm joking, I am not offended at all. I played in "battle" topic with Supergirl and will do it the future. Because even though I dislike her teaming in FFA, I don't like when she says what others should or shouldn't do and I think she overreacts in some occasions, she is a positive member of this community.

And it says me, the one not nocessairily liked by her.

So, for now, grab some and spread it all over the forums:  Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

I wanted to add many more hearts (ok, more exclamation marks Tongue) but I was offended by forums script!!

Quote:The message you entered contained 22 images, while only 10 images per message are allowed. Please lower the image count in your message to meet the limit.
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1. Attempt to defeat "Drama"

- Dont get triggered by everything
- Try to approach mistakes better by visually showing mistakes or reminding of error. Sometimes it really is just a mistake. No need to tell where they will have problems...
- The forum rules will always protect you, but its up to staff to decide what will happen to the defendant Wink
-> The joke can be picked up as insulting, though not very much
- Like I said before, laugh with them, don't let them laught at you

- Try to be less offensive, this is an forum and you have a not so nice history on here. Don't worsen it...
- If insulting is your character and you can't stop, we'll see what we can do (to you) Tongue
I hope we can get along in the future

- You did basically nothing wrong, humour is subjective Wink

- Agreed, this is an forum, not "Oh sir, the insult simulator"
- It's not the fault of Relax

Thanks to: @ℱIRE , @run SPOT run and others to try to calm this down.

*Voakie fainted*

Now what will we do in the future?
  • Supergirl: try to go with the stuff i wrote above, approach mistakes nicely and dont harass members because they did so to you
  • HazR: Like i said, keep the insulting away. Feel free to do that with your friends, but not in "public". If you see it going out of hand, be the mature one and just excuse
  • Relax: Keep on doing you, but stop making my brain cry ffs

Everybody else: Stop telling me I should end this. I don't have a handbook and have no clue what to do either. Yes, I'm trying to content everybody, but this won't always work. Never basically. I'm just trying to resolve fights, without knowing what is going on inside peoples head.

Try not to side with anybody when drama comes, but rather help resolve the fight, or just leave it to the staff.
Else, you make it worse.
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(12-29-2016, 02:22 PM)craw1 Wrote: what is dis

Originally it was a thread about a good idea by @REACTION, but turned out to be the main thread of the latest drama.
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I'm just gonna jump in here real quick...

I think supergirl overreacted a tad bit... I hear/partake in sandwich jokes all the time. It's nothing to get offended over. This is like, on the same level as getting seriously angry at a mom joke. Dodgy

....but with her being from a different country, having different social norms and jokes, I think that's where her problem lies with the joke. Lets all move on from this Shy
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Man how did this happen????
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(12-29-2016, 05:34 PM)HazRv1 Wrote: @Supergirl was being sexistic against us, so i said as a joke go out in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich, get over it. Its called a joke... HazRSavage

And that started it all? Wow
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Well good grief what has happened here? Supergirl, you don't have to go to the kitchen because I believe these gentlemen are more than capable of making their own sandwiches.  Guys, by the way, would you please make me one when you're out there  Tongue . I'm sure this all started in a playful manner, and if there was a joke about someone not being able to count, let me say....sometimes I get distracted and can't count either  Wink . If you really want a female to go to the kitchen and make you a sandwich, I'll do about a knuckle sandwich. I joke  Heart . @Supergirl you have been a nice addition, and @HazRv1 you seem nice too with a colorful sense of humor.  I am sure that no one meant to hurt anyone's feelings.  If we do say something that is offensive to someone I am certain that we can apologize and remain friends.  Anyone want a sandwich while I'm making them?  Just kidding....I'm just goofy like that. Once when my kids wouldn't stop fighting, I made them sing everything they had to say to, they started laughing as they were trying to fight in song and the fight ended rather quickly Wink
In the end, sometimes I can't count and I only serve knuckle sandwiches...hehehe
From what I've seen from @Supergirl is not a beach (only the bad word). I'm very sorry that someone called you that. There really is no reason to speak that way, but if you want to call me one, fine...dogs are soooo cute

Somewhere there's a rainbow I plan to fly over  Big Grin  

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